FAQ - Updated illico TV first generation

This update improves interface navigation, visual aspect and menu speed. VOD features remain the same. No action is required on the part of users.

Application features will remain the same as previously. Here’s what’s new: much more fluid and rapid navigation; all content formats grouped under the same content description; search app integrated directly into VOD app…

Progressive update began in August 2015.                                                            
All first-generation illico terminals. An exhaustive list is provided here.
No. This application has been discontinued and all illico first-generation users will eventually be migrated. The changes being implemented will not negatively impact your experience.
No. Please note that some content is exclusive to the new generation platform. It is therefore not always possible to resume viewing some new generation on first-generation illico terminals. The opposite, however, is always possible, as all first-generation content is viewable on new generation terminals.
Yes, button features remain the same. Note that FFWD and REW keys now allow for navigation at 3 times the normal speed.
Yes. Resume Viewing and My Selections are located in the menu tool bar. To access this section, just press the remote control’s yellow triangle-shaped button marked with the letter (A).
They have been migrated to the new version. Your parental control and remote control PINs will remain the same.
Check your TVs screen resolution settings as well as the illico interface Zoom option. This option is designated by the (#) key on the terminal’s remote control.
No, the interface display is in SD with a 4:3 screen ratio so as to be compatible with all TVs.
It will be possible for you to resume viewing rental content provided that the rental period has not expired.
The default PIN is 0000. You should contact Videotron’s Customer Service if you have modified, confirmed, then forgot your new custom PIN. Otherwise, press 2 times on (Settings) to access the configuration section. (Please refer to the Remote Control PIN section for more information.)
The Parental Control PIN is required for accessing the VOD adult section. It is also required when parental control features are activated for certain channels, program categories or broadcast times. The Remote Control PIN is required when renting pay-per-view content.
It is possible to control access to program categories, channels and viewing times. Just press the (Settings) button once to access the Parental Control Activation menu. Press the (Settings) button twice to access the Block Settings menu.
Searching VOD content used to be possible using channel 905. You can still search TV listings using this method. However, content search has now been integrated into the VOD app. It can be accessed via the toolbar. Just press the (A) button to access the upper menu. Please note that Adult Film section titles are automatically excluded from results. To override this setting, just select the search tool’s “display adult content” option. This requires the Parental Control PIN to be entered.
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