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New remote control illico new generation

Télécommande Nouvelle Génération 
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Remote control for High Definition Terminal new generation and High Definition Personal Video Recorder new generation.

To get the best TV experience your new terminal can offer, we advise you to program your remote control to your TV.


You may have activated the terminal’s “Mute” function while programming
the remote control by pressing MUTE and OK/SELECT. If this is the case,
press the VOL+ button on your illico terminal. This will disable the “Mute”
function, and bring the sound back.

Yes. To deactivate your remote control, press “Mute” and “Select” simultaneously until the indicator light flashes. Enter the code 9 – 7 – 7. The “TV” key’s programming will be deactivated.
Your terminal’s “Volume” function controls the power of its default audio output signal. So even though your remote control is set to control your TV’s volume, for it to be able to do so, it’s important to set the terminal to emit a higher signal. To do this, access the “Menu,” select “Settings,” “Equipment settings” and then “Volume control.” Set it to “On the TV.”
Some keys on the remote control (REC, PIP, LIST, etc.) are functions exclusive to the HD PVR, while others will only work depending on context. For optimal remote control performance, you must select the corresponding model under “Equipment settings.” To do so, access the “Menu” and select “Settings”. Then select “Equipment settings” and choose the corresponding remote control model: type “A” or type “B.”

There are different ways of programming universal remote controls, some of which don’t work with illico TV new generation. For example, if the terminal’s Power On function was programmed via a numeric keypad, you may need to reprogram your remote so that it works properly with illico TV new generation.

To do this, refer to the instructions provided by the remote’s manufacturer.

The following is a (non-exhaustive) list of universal remote controls that may need to be reprogrammed:

- Control 4
- Crestron
- Harmony
- Vantage

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