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  • To see in 3D, the right eye and and the left eye must each see a slightly different image. This is called “stereoscopy.”
  • The illusion of depth is created by the brain when it reconstructs the image seen by the right eye and the image seen by the left eye.
  • There are currently two ways of displaying images to create a 3D illusion on television: anaglyph 3D and Full 3D.


  • Anaglyphs are made up of two superimposed images of complementary colours. These images represent the same, but slight offset, scene. Most often, the image on the left is red and the one on the right is cyan.
  • All television sets can display anaglyph images.
  • A pair of red/cyan (blue) glasses is all that’s needed to view 3D images. 3D glasses for content in anaglyph format are available in all Videotron kiosks and stores.
  • As the anaglyph content provided by Videotron is in HD, you must also have a Videotron HD or PVR terminal and be subscribed to Videotron’s HD service.


What is “Full 3D”?

  • Full 3D is the technology used in most Full 3D television sets sold in big-box retailers.
  • The right-eye image and the left-eye image are placed side by side to form a single image.
  • When users activate the display function on their 3D television set, the television “separates” the right side and the left side of the image and then displays them, alternating from one to the next very quickly.
  • The special glasses that come with 3D television sets are synchronized, so to speak, with the television set. When the left-eye image is displayed on the set, the glasses’ left lense darkens and vice versa.
  • As this alternation is very fast, the blinking image created by the glasses becomes impossible to perceive by the viewer. Each eye sees a different image, and this is what creates the 3D illusion.



Yes. Viewers can see 3D content when 3D programming is broadcast in anaglyph format. The 3D anaglyph content distributed by Videotron requires red/cyan glasses or red/blue glasses. These are available in Videotron kiosks and stores.



Activate the 3D display on your set and then, using the remote control, choose the 3D side-by-side display format.

People with eye problems such as strabismus or colour blindness may have trouble seeing 3D content in anaglyph format. Viewing this type of content for prolonged periods of time may also cause discomfort.

To find out about contraindications for “Full 3D” content, please refer to your user guide.


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