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Club illico gives you unlimited access to loads of French-language content: original Québec productions, exclusive series, and movies. You’ll always find something to watch!

1. You have unlimited access to content, whether you watch it on TV, online or on your iPad or Android tablet apps, and it’s so easy to access. You can view content directly on channel 900 or

2. Discover and watch to your heart’s content:

  • A catalogue of movies, series, kids' shows and documentaries grouped by genre, several of which are available in HD
  • A large selection of Quebec TV series and movies
  • A vast kids’ section that offers entertainment solutions for the whole family
  • Dozens of new additions every month

3. Watching content on TV will not use up Internet bandwidth.

4. You can always count on efficient and effective customer service, a technical support team available 24/7, and a single invoice, for Videotron customers.

Club illico offers movies, series, kids' shows and documentaries from every genre.

Every month, new titles are added to offer you the best in entertainment. What’s more, many titles are available in HD on illico TV new generation.

To see the entire list of available content, visit or go directly to channel 900 on illico TV new generation. You do not need to be subscribed to Club illico to view the catalogue.

Club Unlimited is available to residents of Canada.

  • access (online and on your iPad or Android tablet apps) is open to all
  • TV access, via channel 900, is reserved for illico TV new generation customers

It’s easy! You can subscribe:

  • Online: by visiting if you’re already a Videotron customer.
  • By phone: by calling Customer Service at 1-88-VIDEOTRON.
  • In person: by visiting us in-store.

Once your subscription request has been accepted, you’ll have instant access to Club illico, both on
(online and on your iPad or Android tablet apps) and illico TV new generation on channel 900.

  • Watching content on your TV will not use up Internet bandwidth, as video content distribution is not done via the Internet.
  • When you view content online and via the app for the iPad or Android tablet,, this uses up bandwidth. For example, watching a two-hour movie on will use up, on average, 1.3 GB. For further information on our Internet service and our data transfer capacities, visit our website.

Yes. If you order paid content from a section other than Club illico, certain fees will apply, even if the title is also listed in the Club illico catalogue.

You will only be able to access Club illico on TVs that are equipped with a new generation terminal (either a Cisco 4642, Cisco 8642 or Samsung terminal). The model number can be found on the front of the device. You may need to update your terminal. If so, please visit If you don’t have illico TV new generation, you may be able to benefit from a special offer. Visit for details.

Yes. For the moment, it’s not possible to continue watching a show on one platform that you started watching on a different platform (from to your television, or from your television to You can only resume viewing content that you started to watch via, online. The same applies for content you watch on TV.

However, you can continue watching a show that you paused on TVs equipped with an illico TV new generation terminal.

You can pause a show for up to 24 hours, although this may vary depending on the rental time. However, if you run out of time but you see that the movie or show is still available, and you’re still a Club illico member, you can just re-order it.

When you resume viewing content on your TV you will see all the illico TV titles that have been ordered from your account. However, you may only resume viewing content from Club illico that you’ve paused on TVs equipped with an illico TV new generation terminal.

Club illico content has the best picture quality. This picture quality can only be reproduced by illico TV new generation terminals.

Yes. The majority of titles available via Club illico are French. For that reason, only the French version is available. If both versions (French and English) are offered, you will be able to choose the language you’d like to watch the content in when you order via illico TV new generation and/or in the search results on

No. You can instantly access Club illico once you subscribe to it, on channel 900 on illico TV new generation or on

An update is required for you to be able to access it on your iPad via app. Please refer to the iPad section below.

Yes. If a title is available on Club illico, it will show up in your search results. To search for a title on your TV, press the magnifying glass icon icon3 on your remote control and enter a search keyword.

Yes. Certain titles available from Club illico can also be ordered à la carte. As a result, you need to select the result from Club illico. If the title is offered free with a subscription, the word “FREE” will appear in the listing. If not, fees may apply.

Paid content is not available on the iPad due to constraints imposed by Apple.

How much does a subscription to Club illico cost?

Videotron customers can subscribe one of three ways:  

1 - Club illico is included in TV packages that include one or two Premium channels. For example, Discovery Plus, Show Time, All-in, or Absolute. 

2 - You can sign up for Club illico à la carte at the preferential rate of $12/month. Videotron customers benefit from a multiservice discount of $3 (taxes not included).

3 - All our Premium Mobile plans come with a subscription to Club illico (accessible via mobile and tablet). 

If you are not a Videotron customer, you can still subscribe to Club illico by visiting A monthly fee of $15 will be billed to your credit card (taxes not included). / App for iPad

Information: To access the content of Club illico on your iPad, an update of the app is required. As of October 16, 2013, when opening, you will be prompted to update the app. This update is necessary in order to access not only the contents of Club illico, but also all other content available on the app. 

To continue with the update, please follow the on-screen instructions.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yes, you can watch the contents of Club illico on your iPad. To do so, simply update or install the app on your iPad. You can download the app from the Apple App Store by typing “” in the search bar.

If the app is already installed on your iPad, you will be prompted to update it once you open it.

Incompatible Version

Press the “Update” button. You will be redirected to the App Store where you will be asked to confirm the app’s update. 

If you don’t see this message or you have any issue with your application, please go to the App Store, section update to get the latest version (1.2) .

The following models are compatible with Club illico: the iPad 1 or a later version and the iPad mini.
Club illico is available on iPads running iOS 5 or higher.

Once you have installed or updated the app, you can launch the app directly from your iPad’s menu. 
To access all that Club illico has to offer, click on the “Menu” icon. Once the dropdown menu appears, select the Club illico category that is of interest to you.

Please note that in order to view Club illico content, you must be a Club member and use your Videotron Customer Centre username and password to login to the app.

For more information on how to become a Club illico member, please visit the “How to become a member” section previously mentioned on this page.

Yes, most Club illico content can be viewed using AirPlay. However, some content cannot be viewed via AirPlay due to broadcasting rights.

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