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The new updates for illico offer you innovative features, easier browsing and new content to be discovered:

  • An enhanced Program Guide
  • A new, customized menu
  • A high-performance, more comprehensive search tool
  • Content suggestions directly in the Program Guide and VOD section






illico’s new menu is tailored to you. With direct access to the Program Guide for your favourite channels, on demand content and Club illico, browsing has never been easier!


The new menu appears as soon as you switch on your Terminal and remains onscreen for several seconds. You can go back to it anytime you want by pressing the MENU button on your remote control.


The new menu is divided into several different thumbnails, each giving you access to a multitude of features.


My illico lets you access your favourite content: a Program Guide listing only your favourite channels, your Resume Viewing list and your on-demand content for later viewing.


Live TV gives you direct access to a Program Guide listing only the channels included in your package, new releases, free previews and the Change Your Channel Line-up feature, which lets you change your package options directly from your TV.


My Recordings lets you access previously recorded content, as well as scheduled recordings.


On-demand Movies gives you direct access to illico’s on-demand platform and the most popular titles.


Club illico brings you directly to the latest Club illico releases.


On-demand Channels lets you watch the on-demand channels included in your package.

How to access settings and apps (previously called widgets)

To access settings and apps, select the “My illico” tab, then select “Settings and Applications”. The “Settings” option allows you to configure your Terminal, while the other options give you access to the apps and interactive voting platform.

Tip: Press the “+” button at the bottom of your remote control to make the “Apps” menu appear.



Program guide


Program Guide


Our new Program Guide boasts three important improvements.

1. SD and HD channels are now grouped together

For easier browsing, we’ve grouped SD and HD channels together in the Program Guide, allowing you to view all the Videotron channels in one spot.


For example, channels 4 and 604 (TVA) now appear on the same line as 4|604. When you select a channel from the Program Guide, your Terminal will automatically show the channel with the best image quality in your package. For example, if you select TVA, your terminal will automatically show channel 604. 

How to record in standard definition

When you schedule a recording, your Terminal will automatically select the highest image quality available for the content you’re recording. If you would rather record in standard definition, press the “REC” button to schedule the recording, then press “B” to access recording options. You can then select your preferred format.

2. Colour code your shows


Not only can you filter channels by theme (Package Channels, Sports, Movies, Kids, etc.), but by selecting “A”, you can even colour code certain shows in the Program Guide.


By selecting “C”, you can highlight content like Movies, Series, Kids, News and Sports in blue.


For example, if you select Movies, all movies in the Program Guide will be highlighted in blue whether they air on a general channel like TVA, or part of a movie channel.

3. Discover on-demand content


Channels on demand


To make it easier for you to discover on-demand shows, you can now access them directly from the Program Guide.


When watching a channel that offers on-demand content, simply press “INFO” and a box will appear at the bottom of your screen indicating other on-demand shows offered by that particular channel.


For example, when viewing a MAtv show description (channel 609), you’ll be able to check out other on-demand shows offered by on-demand MAtv (channel 900).


To access on-demand channels directly from the Program Guide, select a show and press “INFO”. The on-demand channel’s banner will appear if the channel in question offers on-demand content.




Our new search tool is even more efficient. It allows you to quickly find your favourite content, whether it’s on demand, live or in your recordings. You can search by title or by actor/director.


As you start to enter a word in the search tool, it will automatically begin to show results for searches beginning with those letters. When you spot your desired search result, simply select it with your cursor and press “OK”.


If no keyword corresponds to what you are searching for, select the “Search” button at the right-hand corner of your screen.






Results are listed by category: Live, On-demand, Recordings and Persons (actors/directors). The boxes located to the right of the results indicate the broadcasting channel and whether the content is free, requires payment or is available in Club illico. When a result matches a keyword, it appears at the top of the list. If the name of an actor or director contains the keyword, it appears at the bottom of the list.



Video on demand

Channels On Demand


Our new Channels On Demand portal lets you find your favourite channels faster than ever before. To add a channel to your Favourites, select the channels list, then press the IMAGE button located at the bottom of your remote control. The selected channel will now appear at the top of the list and can be found under Favourites in both the Program Guide and Channels On Demand portal. 


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Another new addition is that illico now recommends content that might interest you. When viewing a movie or show description, a banner will appear at the bottom of your screen suggesting five similar titles. You can learn more about each title by selecting it with your cursor then return back to your original content. It’s the ideal feature for adding titles to your future-viewing list.






With illico Cloud you can:

  • Access your content on all your devices.
  • Resume viewing across multiple platforms (on-demand content only).
  • Record your shows from a distance (multiplatform management of your recordings, i.e. scheduling and deleting a recording).
  • Use our improved search tool on all your devices.
  • You can watch what you want, when you want, where you want.
  • You’ll never miss any of your favourite shows again thanks to features like Live TV, Resume Viewing, Remote Recording, plus you have access to video on demand content.
  • Your profile—and Favourites—go where you go! You can customize your Cloud so that you can quickly access your favourite content no matter where you are.
  • Control your TV with your tablet! With the illico app, you can select a show on your tablet, send it to your TV and instantly start watching it.
  • View your recordings on any TV equipped with a New Generation Terminal. It’s like having one PVR for all your screens!
For the moment, we have no information on this subject. However, rest assured that Videotron offers the best PVR on the market, illico X8, that lets you record up to eight HD recordings at once. If you forget to record a show, you can find it in our extensive list of on-demand French content and watch it 24 hours later. Plus, if you’re tuned in to a channel when a show starts, you can resume watching from the beginning!
Yes, all Videotron customers can sign up for illico Cloud at no extra cost. However, to get the most out of the Cloud experience and watch content from anywhere, you must be an illico customer.
Yes, all Videotron customers can sign up for illico Cloud at no extra cost. However, to get the most out of the Cloud experience and watch content from anywhere, you must be an illico customer.

Ever since we introduced illico TV New Generation, we’ve worked non-stop at developing new cloud-computing features like:

  • The illico app for iPad that allows users to control their TV with their tablet
  • Mobile apps
  • The Multi-Room feature
  • Profiles that go where you go
  • The Apple Watch app with features such as Flip and Control

We have now officially mastered cloud technology and wish to use the launch of our brand new menu as an opportunity to share this with all our customers. Our new menu boasts cloud-computing features, including one that suggests content you might like.

Contractual rules established with certain providers prevent us from making the entirety of our content accessible via Internet, mobile and tablet. It is important to note that cable providers are responsible for negotiating content rights and that the offer is subject to change.
No. The Multi-Room feature lets you view recordings on any TV in your home equipped with an illico New Generation Terminal. You cannot view recorded content on Internet, mobile or tablet.
1. Press MENU to access the illico Menu
2. Using the arrow buttons, select “Settings and applications”
3. Press on “Settings”
4. Using the arrow buttons, select “Application preferences”
5. Press on “Program Guide and TV”
6. Using the arrow buttons, select “Program Guide channel display”




Simplified menu: Quick access to all your content thanks to a customized illico experience.

Revamped Program Guide: On-demand content available directly from the Program Guide, searches done by category (movies, series), SD and HD channels grouped together to offer the best image quality available.

Smart VOD: Find all your favourite on-demand content on channel 900, get suggestions based on your likes, and access your favourite channels and movie wishlist simply by clicking the   button on your remote.

Enhanced search tool: Integrated multiplatform search tool that helps you find what you’re looking for faster than ever before.

All customers who have at least one illico New Generation Terminal.

When you want to tune in to a standard definition (SD) channel: You can manually tune in to an SD channel the same way as always. For example, to tune in to TVA in SD, simply enter 04 on your remote control.


When you’re browsing the Program Guide: If you pay an additional monthly fee to have access to HD content, the Program Guide will automatically revert to high definition when it’s available. For example, if you tune in to TVA from the Program Guide, the app will suggest 04|604. If you’re subscribed to HD, your Terminal will automatically show TVA HD.


When you want to record content: You can choose between SD and HD when recording content depending on how much space you want to take up on your Terminal’s hard drive.

You can create a profile on your TV using the “My illico” feature. Users can then create individual profiles on other platforms using the illico app. This way, your profile will go where you go.
Go to the “My illico” tab and select “Settings and Applications”. Next, select “Settings” followed by “General Settings” and scroll down to “Show menu when turning on Terminal” and select “No”. ».

You can access them simply by pressing “+” on your remote control, or via the “My illico” feature (find them in the “Settings and Applications” tab).


The beginning of a new era: TV that goes where you go! With illico Cloud, you can watch what you want, when you want, where you want!


Made-to-measure entertainment: We’re the only ones on the market to offer a customized multiplatform profile for each user. The advantage: Your content follows you wherever you go!


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