illico TV NEW génération


illico TV new generation is the result of a complete revamping of illico TV that includes:
- New interfaces that are better-looking, faster, more intuitive and more efficient.
- Personnalized menus.
- New and advanced functions.

illico TV new generation allows you to experience HD TV that’s simpler, faster, higher performing and personalized.

Designed to improve menu interactivity and to help users search for content more easily, new-generation illico TV offers you interfaces that are more intuitive, faster and more efficient.. It also includes never-before-seen functions like widgets, an advanced search function with keywords, simplified management of your recordings, and much more! It’s all about making your TV as easy to use as possible.

Terminals that are compatible with illico TV new generation are the Cisco 4642 HD terminal and the Cisco 8642 HD PVR

(the terminal’s model number is on the front of your device). Samsung terminals are also compatible with illico TV new generation. Both brands of terminal are the same and offer identical TV viewing experiences in all respects.

Videotron has made some major technological upgrades to its terminals. Compatible terminals have a more powerful and faster processor and, most importantly, they use the new tru2way applications platform. With these changes, we’re able to offer subscribers an all-new personalized and ever-evolving viewing experience.
If your terminals are not compatible with illico TV new generation, you will not need to make any changes. You can continue to use the version of illico TV that you already have. However, if you like, you can take advantage of our current offers to obtain a terminal that is compatible with illico TV new generation.
The illico TV experience offered by first-generation terminals will be the same, as the terminals will keep the same functions, even if a new-generation terminal has been added. You can therefore have the new version of illico on your main TV set and keep your current terminal for another TV in your home.
Interfaces are in high definition and
widescreen format (16:9).
Thanks to the new operating system and the more powerful internal processor, users can browse through menus, applications and channels much faster.

Switching to illico TV new generation is free for all customers who have a compatible terminal, i.e. a CISCO 4642 or CISCO 8642 terminal. There are two ways to request an upgrade: via our Customer Centre at or by calling us at 1-877-477-1754.

The system will suggest a date for the upgrade. The compatible terminal will then switch to illico TV new generation within

72 hours following the suggested date. To avoid interrupting any of your scheduled recordings, the upgrade will occur between the hours of 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. Therefore, no action is required on your part.

You will not be charged for switching to illico TV new generation, and your invoice will stay the same.

You can switch today! To do so, just visit our Customer Centre at or dial 1-877-477-1754.

Once you sign up, the date of the upgrade will be confirmed, and your terminal will switch to illico TV new generation within

72 hours following that date. To ensure that the high quality of our customer and technical support services is not affected, we will be limiting the number of upgrades per day. As such, we recommend that you sign up as soon as possible—the first customers to request that we switch them to illico TV new generation will be the first to enjoy it!

Most terminal settings, such as your favourites, closed captioning, etc., are kept after you switch to illico TV new generation. As far as the terminal’s language, Parental Control and your Administrator PIN are concerned, a Quick Setup Wizard will update these options when you switch your terminal on for the first time.
illico TV new generation’s interfaces and applications have all been developed in HD. Therefore, an HD TV is necessary to ensure an optimal viewing experience.
We do not recommend you do this.
illico TV new generation was designed for HD TVs with a 16:9 aspect ratio. We therefore recommend that you use an HD TV to benefit from an optimal viewing experience.
We do not recommend that you use an external hard drive with the terminals. If you have an external hard drive connected to your terminal, you will be unable to use it with illico TV new generation.
As a result, recordings on your external hard drive will be unavailable following the upgrade.
Once the transition to illico TV new generation is complete, the new interface will definitively replace your current one.
illico new generation offers you an unparalleled viewing experience that’s designed to meet your every need. We have no doubt that you’ll be satisfied.

The multi-room PVR is a feature that allows you to watch recordings on any TV that’s equipped with a new-generation terminal. For example, if you have a PVR in your living room, you can watch what you recorded on it in your bedroom on a TV equipped with a new-generation HD terminal.

Learn more about our Multi-Room PVR


The remote that came with your terminal is also designed to work with illico TV new generation. As such, all functions can be controlled using your remote (model no. RT-U63P-I5). However, if you would like to get the illico TV new generation remote,

you will soon be able to purchase it separately.

Why does my terminal automatically shut down after a few hours?
The Auto Sleep feature is part of the eco-friendly initiatives implemented by Videotron to meet Energy Star 3.0 standards. Your terminal goes into Auto Sleep mode when it has been inactive for a prolonged period of time. To reset the counter and avoid having your terminal shut down, simply press any button on your remote control.
How do I deactivate the Auto Sleep feature?

Select My illico from the menu bar, then click on:

  • Settings and applications
  • Settings
  • Equipment settings
  • Auto Sleep


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