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How to do Call Forwarding on your phone

Automatically forward your calls to another number using this paid feature *72.

This type of service is optional, moderate fees apply.

How to turn on call forwarding on my phone?

You need to turn on this feature using your phone line.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Pick up your home phone handset and dial “*72.” 
  2. Dial the phone number that you want to forward your calls to. Note that you cannot forward calls to international numbers.

Did someone answer at the number you dialled? No problem! Wait at least 5 seconds with call connected. Well done, your call forwarding is activated. 

Is the line busy or is no one answering the number you dialled?

Start over. Pick up the handset and dial the phone number you want to forward your calls to. 

Did you hear the two confirmation beeps? Hang up. Well done, call forwarding is activated. 

Test your call forwarding to make sure it works.

To check if your call forwarding is activated, dial *72. Hear the busy line tone? Well done, call forwarding is activated. 

How to disable call forwarding

To remove call forwarding, pick up your handset, wait for the tone and dial *73. Have you heard two beeps? Hang up. Well done, your call forwarding is disabled. 

About call forwarding...

What is call forwarding? It’s a paid add-on that forwards your calls to a number you’ve chosen. You could use it when you’re travelling, for example, or to be reached at another number. 

What happens when someone tries to call you? When call forwarding is activated, your phone briefly rings to remind you that the service is activated. Note that you can continue to make calls. However, you will no longer receive calls and your voicemail will no longer accept messages. 

Are you forwarding your calls to a long distance number? You can get charged usual long distance fees. That way people who call you don’t have to pay for their call. Check Your Plan Add-ons.

Want to block a number or make a conference call? Discover the other star services (*).

Have a cellphone? Here’s how to activate call forwarding on mobile devices.

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