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Phone number blocking *60

15-telephonie_option_appelThis service is optional and involves subscription fees.
This calling feature allows you to block up to 30 phone numbers. You can indicate the numbers you wish to block from your phone. You can also block the last number that called you, even if it's private.

Please note that this feature only allows you to block valid, 10-digit numbers calling from Canada or the United States. This feature does not allow you to block unwanted international numbers, invalid numbers, numbers with fewer than 10 digits or numbers with more than 10 digits that do not begin with 1.

15-telephonie_option_appelTo block the last number that called you (even if it's private) from your phone:
  • Hang up after answering the call.
  • Pick up the phone and wait for the dial tone.
  • Dial *60 #01#
To block a known number from your phone:
  • Pick up the phone and wait for the dial tone.
  • Dial *60#, followed by the number you wish to block.
Call Block will instantly be activated and the person trying to reach you will get the following message:
"The person you are trying to reach does not accept calls from this number at the moment."
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