Do I have to be at my former residence at the time of the disconnection?


No. It is not necessary to be present for a service disconnection.


My multifunction modem (MTA) is locked. How do I disconnect it?

You will need a strong pair of wire clippers. After disconnecting the electrical power from your multifunction modem, cut the coaxial cable about 4" from the lock to free the modem. Then bring it with you to your new residence, where our technician will reinstall it.
If you have any concerns about doing this yourself, we can send a technician to unlock your MTA at no cost. However, you will remain responsible for bringing the modem to your new residence.


Can I get my service suspended between disconnection at my former residence and reconnection after I move, since my new home isn’t ready?

You can delay connection of services at your new address for a period of up to 45 days after the date of deactivation of the same services at your former address, except for wireless telephony, for which there is no suspension of service.


If there is a delay before reconnection of my cable services following my move, will I still receive my multi-service discounts?

Yes. Even if your services are not reconnected immediately, you will continue to receive your multi-product discounts.

Can I use Internet telephone service between the disconnection of service at my old address and reconnection at my new address?

Yes. As long as you have access to a phone line, our Internet telephone service is available at all times. The usual conditions of use apply.

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