Long distance

What are the basic rates for long-distance calls?


The current rate for calls to Canada and the United States is 40¢/minute.  However, if you’re subscribed to the Canada/US 100 minutes plan, Canada/US 1,000 minutes plan or Unlimited Canada plan, you’ll automatically benefit from a preferential rate of 7¢/minute once you go over your plan’s limit. If you select Videotron as your long-distance provider, you will be able to make free calls to other Videotron subscribers (i.e., Videotron’s cable telephone, mobile telephone and Softphone subscribers).


For international calls (except calls made to the United States), the per-minute rate depends on the country you’re calling. Check out our rates. 

Which other long-distance service providers are supported by Videotron?

Videotron’s rates are cost-competitive. However, if you choose another

long-distance provider, please check that their service is compatible with our network and equipment as not all the alternative providers can offer their services on Videotron’s network.

Please note that if you do go with another long-distance provider, you will no longer be able to  make free calls to other Videotron telephone subscribers.

What is the difference between a local and long-distance call?

Every 10-digit call you make without entering “1” before the area code or “011” before the country code is considered a local call. To find out if a call is local or long-distance based on your local calling area, visit

Download the Long distance services application form (PDF)

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