How to use my voice mail

The voicemail indicator is always on 

The voicemail indicator is always on. Why?

When you have at least one new message in your voicemail, it will be indicated in one of two ways:

  • By a series of quick beeps heard in the first seconds after picking up the handset.
  • By the flashing indicator light on certain phones.

The quick beeping sound is the most reliable indicator that you have one or more new messages. Listen to your messages, then delete or archive them. The indicator light will continue flashing as long as there is at least one new message (a message listened to, then skipped by dialing #, will remain new).

If the new message indicator does not work:

Access your voicemail and press 4 to access the options.
Press 1 to reactivate the new message indicator.

If the indicator remains on despite no new messages, turn it off and hang up. Access your voicemail again to reactivate it.

If there are no new messages in your voicemail but the dial tone remains intermittent, contact Technical Support.

If the indicator light continues flashing, but you do not hear the quick beeping sound, follow these steps:

Is the indicator light flashing on all phones? If not, the telephone itself may be the source of the problem.

The beeping indicator is updated in the seconds following hang-up. We recommend checking your messages again (even if you don’t have any new messages), then press * key, hanging up and waiting 30 seconds before picking up the handset.

Contact Technical Support if the problem persists. Make sure you have the following information on hand:

  • The type of indicator that remains active: sound (quick beeping on the line) or visual (flashing light on the telephone). 
  • The model of the affected telephone(s). 
  • If the problem occurs on all telephones. 
  • The date and time when voicemail messages were last retrieved.
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