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We are pleased to offer you some tips and suggestions that could make your move a little easier. Choose the category that interests you using the left hand column. You may also want to look at the entire list of tips and suggestions.



Don't risk ending up with two tenants in the same apartment!
    Check with the people now living in your future residence, and those taking over your current residence, to make sure your moving dates are synchronized.

Book your movers and vehicle early to avoid disappointment!
    However, take a little time to shop around. Prices and services can vary greatly from one company to another. If in doubt, consult Websites of companies specializing in this field.

Rent the right equipment
    Decided not to hire professional movers? Don't forget to book all the equipment you'll need, such as a dolly and belts for moving large appliances.

Think about your children's future
    Contact schools and daycare centres in your new neighborhood and start organizing registrations immediately.

Do your change-of-address notifications in a few clicks
    The Government of Quebec Website offers a tool that lets you securely notify several different government departments simultaneously of your new address.

Avoid ending up with no picture and sound
    Think about it: no power means no cable! Remember to advise Hydro-Québec of your moving date. You can do this online.

Don't risk getting a fine
    Remember to inform the SAAQ (driver's licence bureau) of your change of address, to avoid the risk of being fined for failing to do so within the required time.

Don't let the next tenant get a free ride from your subscriptions
    Make sure you give your change of address to all publications to which you subscribe. At the same time, you might consider subscribing to a home decoration magazine to give you ideas at your new residence.

Get the timing right with furniture and decoration
    For example, make sure your new furniture is delivered after your new home has been painted and cleaned.

Start spring cleaning
    Now that the warmer weather is coming, start putting all those winter things away: coats, hats, gloves, Christmas decorations, and so on!

Just keep the essentials on hand
    Start packing all those kitchen utensils, pots and pans that you only use occasionally.

Prevent loss or theft
    Make a list, take photos and note the serial numbers of your valuables.

Dispose of things you don't need (legally)
    Find out from your municipality exactly when you can put on the sidewalk any furniture, carpets and other items you no longer need.

Avoid the stairs
    If you live in a high-rise building, think in advance about reserving the elevator for a few hours.

Don't duplicate your possessions
    Recently decided to live as a couple? You probably have two of certain appliances. Why not organize a garage sale?

Erase all traces of your occupancy
    It's never too soon to start filling in holes in walls made by hooks and nails. Also make sure you remove your names on doors, intercoms and mailboxes.

Create a "moving essentials" kit
    Put together some of the more essential tools and effects for moving day, like large garbage bags, gloves, bucket, mop, vacuum cleaner, etc.

Think about a cooler
    The night before your move, defrost the freezer and refrigerator. Perishable foods can be kept chilled in a cooler while you're moving.




Resolve the key question
    Check when, and from whom, you should pick up the key(s) of your future home.

Spread the load
    Trying to pack all your books in one big box? It's better to keep large boxes for smaller, lighter things than to fill them with the heaviest items.

Be clear in your instructions
    For example, if you're hiring movers, a label marked "Do not move" can prevent unpleasant surprises. Make sure to stick a message like this on any item you wish to transport yourself.

Save time when unpacking
    Place a length of string between the flaps of your boxes before sealing them with adhesive tape. When you unpack, just pull the string to open them up.

Stay in touch with your movers
    Check that your booking with your movers is still good, and make sure you give them a cellphone number where they can reach you in case of a delay.

Beware of the cat
    It's a fact that, every year, thousands of felines take advantage of the upheaval of moving day to run away. Consider finding a temporary pet-sitter for your cat to keep it from slipping out the door.

Protect your floors
    To make sure your floors don't get scratched or otherwise damaged by all the comings-and-goings, protect them with old coverings.

Put floor pads on your furniture legs
    It doesn't take long, and your hardwood floors will appreciate it!

Set up a human chain
    Planning to have friends and family help you move? A human chain is an excellent way to spread the load and prevent back problems.

Don't block traffic
    Avoid disrupting traffic in your street with double-parked moving vehicles. Put two chairs with a rope between them to reserve a parking space in front of your building.

Take good care of your plants
    If you're moving plants, save them for the last trip, and take them in your own car. Leave a car window open a little so they won't suffocate.

Do a few inspection tours before leaving the property
    It's better to be sure than to have to come back. Check in every corner, including the balcony, basement, attic or shed, to be sure you haven't left anything behind.

Have light refreshments on hand!
    Think about laying in a good supply of bottled water for moving day. Be safety-minded and save the beer for the end of the day.

Plan to have enough pizza
    Aim for two slices per helper. That includes vegetarians: they have good appetites too.

Don't be in a rush with the refrigerator
    Wait at least 4 hours before reconnecting a refrigerator that has been moved vertically, and up to 24 hours if it has been moved horizontally.

Create a pleasant ambience
    Music soothes those moving day nerves. Your stereo and/or MP3 should be among the first items to be unpacked, for the benefit of workers and helpers when you're cleaning and painting your new home.

Preserve your privacy
    If you lack sufficient blinds and curtains to fit your windows, put up sheets temporarily to protect your privacy.



Give a computer a second life
    Got no further need for a computer, monitor or mouse? An organization called OPEQ welcomes donations of equipment that can be refurbished for school use.

Reflect your eco nature
    Did you know that by adding 175 ml of vinegar to a litre of water, you'll clean windows and mirrors more efficiently, economically, ecologically and virtually odour-free?

Create your own shock-absorbers
    To protect fragile possessions, consider replacing styrofoam with towels. They help absorb bumps and shocks.

Notify people of your new address ecologically
    E-mail and the various social networking sites are excellent ways to notify everyone of your new address, while being kind to the environment. Use our specially designed tab.

Give new life to old clothes
    Don't hesitate to donate to charities any clothing you no longer wear. Your cast-offs might well be appreciated by someone else.

Free yourself from toxic products
    Find out from your municipality the next dates for hazardous waste collections, and dispose of all excess fuel, solvants, pots of paint, aerosols, batteries, etc.

Paint it green
    Recycled paint is becoming increasingly popular for covering walls in an eco-friendly way. You can buy these products at point of sale that participate in paint recycling programs.

Don't forget your recycling box!
    Your current recycling box can probably not be taken with you, as it remains the property of your city or neighborhood. Contact the municipality once you've moved to see if you'll need to get a new one.

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