Understanding my mobile usage

What is Internet on your mobile?

Thanks to advanced 4G network technology, Videotron’s Internet on your mobile service gives you access to the Internet from your mobile phone.


No matter where or when, you can:

  • Access the Videotron Portal: For more information, please see the Videotron Portal section to quickly learn how to browse popular websites (news, weather forecasts, stock prices, social networks, etc.)
  • Surf the Web 
  • Chat with family, friends and co-workers
  • Access multimedia sites such as YouTube
  • Listen to your favourite radio programs
  • Stay in touch with online contacts (e.g. on Facebook, Twitter)
  • Search the Web using Google™ or Canoë 411

Use tons of online or downloadable applications from a wide range of providers (e.g. Google Maps and other applications for regular mobile phones or smartphones).


Wi-Fi Vs Mobile Network Data Use
Your smartphone or tablet can connect to the Internet in two ways: via a mobile network or Wi-Fi.

A Wi-Fi network is a “wireless” extension of an existing wired network. When a wireless router is connected to a modem, it makes the wired network’s bandwidth available over the air to a given area and number of computers simultaneously. This type of connection can be public or private, secured or not. All data usage made via Wi-Fi networks will not be deducted from your mobile data plan.


Our mobile network is a single network covering a much larger area. It is accessible to anyone with a device that’s capable of connecting to it.

If you have a Videotron smartphone or tablet with a working SIM card, you can access the Videotron network. If you are subscribed to an Internet on your mobile plan, your data usage will be deducted from your plan.

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