Yes. Your Internet session will be paused for the duration of the call. When the phone call is finished, you can go back to what you were doing before the session was interrupted.
Yes. You can use the Internet on your mobile service in several countries. Note that roaming charges apply when you use the Internet outside the Videotron network.
Yes. When you access the Internet, the Videotron portal is your mobile phone’s default home page. If you want to select another page as your default home page, check your mobile's user guide to find out how to change this setting.
The speed of the Internet on your mobile service is comparable to that of a high-speed connection on your computer (faster surfing and downloading).
 Contact Videotron’s Technical Support.

 If you’re using your mobile phone to access the Internet outside of the area covered by the Videotron network, it is possible that the speed is slower due to the lack of availability of the Videotron mobile network connection on our partner network.


However, if you are within the Videotron network’s coverage area and your connection is unusually slow, contact Videotron’s Technical Support.

Here are some of the most common error messages, along with the corresponding solutions.

HTTP Error 400 Bad request. You have entered an invalid address. Please try again. Enter the address again. If that fails, contact Videotron’s Technical Support. 
HTTP Error 401 Unauthorized. You have entered an incorrect user name or password. Please try again. Enter the user name or password again. If that fails, contact Videotron’s Technical Support.
HTTP Error 402 Payment required. Contact Videotron’s Customer Service.
HTTP Error 403 Forbidden. You do not have access to this resource. Contact Videotron’s Technical Support.
HTTP Error 503 Service unavailable. Please try again later. Simply try again later.

You can disable your mobile Internet connection at any time directly on your device.

You can only access the Internet via Wi-Fi.

However, disabling your mobile Internet connection will have the following consequences:

I. You will no longer receive updates relating to
   a. your device
   b. your email inbox
   c. the proper functioning of your mobile device.

II. If you reset your device, it will automatically reconnect to the mobile Internet network, and you will need to disconnect it again.

III. You will no longer have access to your illico Mobile services.


IV. You will no longer be able to use the multimedia messaging service (MMS).


To find out how to proceed, click on your device model.

Plateform Phone model

Alcatel One Touch 908S

Garmin A50

Google Nexus One

HTC Amaze 4G

HTC Panache

LG Optimus 2X

Motorola Spice

Motorola XT720

Samsung Galaxy Mini

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Q

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Nexus S

Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia 710

HTC Radar 4G

All WAP-enabled websites (protocol allowing mobile devices to access the Internet using a browser) should display and function well on your device.

Some sites may not be compatible with our mobile telephone service. These sites are not as user-friendly as sites available in mobile format, but you are still able to view their content.
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