Transferring my phone number and data to Videotron

Transferring my current phone number to my new mobile phone

To make sure you keep your number, you must first contact Videotron.


Yes, it is possible to transfer a residential phone number to a mobile phone number.


First and foremost, DO NOT CANCEL your current contract, since only active phone numbers can be transferred to a new provider.

The procedure is easy. Simply notify Videotron that you wish to keep your number. We will handle the rest. Your former provider will automatically deactivate your old services. Note, however, that you must fulfil your contractual obligations to your former provider (if applicable).

If you obtain your mobile phone from a sales outlet, your number will be transferred when your mobile phone is handed over to you.

If you obtain your mobile phone from Videotron’s Customer Service, it will be mailed to you via Canada Post. In this case, you may only be able to make calls when you receive your parcel. If you wish to complete activation of your mobile phone before the system automatically does it for you over the next few days, you can activate it yourself by calling 1 877 477-5757 (toll-free) or by using the “Complete activation of your mobile service” functionality at the Customer Centre. In just a few steps (or clicks), your number will be transferred!

We want to make sure that you can be reached up until the time you receive your Videotron mobile phone. That’s why we allow for an interval: to make sure that your number isn’t transferred to your new mobile phone if your parcel takes a little longer to arrive than expected.
You will receive a text message to confirm that your number has been transferred.
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