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How do you answer a waiting call? Does call waiting work with conference calls? Find the answers to your questions here.

Call waiting prevents you from missing a call when you are already on the phone. A short beep will alert you to another incoming call.
Yes. If you have signed up for call display, a message indicating the second caller’s number will be displayed on the screen of your mobile. If that caller is in your saved list of contacts, his or her name will also be displayed.

There are three ways to answer a waiting call:


Note: Names of commands and keys may vary depending on the mobile phone and the provider.

End the conversation underway 

Quickly end the conversation underway by pressing the END key. Your mobile will ring right away so that you can answer the waiting call.

Please note: If you don’t hang up before the third call-waiting beep, the incoming call will be transferred to your voice mail (if you have signed up for voice mail) OR the caller will get a busy signal.

Put the conversation underway on hold in order to pick up the second call 

Briefly press your mobile’s SEND key. You will automatically be put in contact with your second caller.

Every time you press the SEND key, you will be switched from one caller to the other.

If you hang up by pressing the END key to exit one of your two conversations, your mobile phone will ring and you’ll once again be able to speak to the caller you put on hold.

Don’t answer the waiting call 

If you have subscribed to Videotron voice mail, the call will be transferred to your voice mail.

If you haven’t signed up for voice mail, your second caller will get a busy signal.


Yes. If you are on a conference call, you’ll be notified of any waiting calls. If you decide not to answer and you have signed up for Videotron voice mail, such calls will be steered to your voice mail. If you don’t have voice mail, your callers will get a busy signal.

Call waiting is enabled by default on your mobile phone. However, you can disable and re-enable this service by using your mobile phone’s Settings menu or by using the following codes:

Note: Names of commands and keys may vary depending on the mobile phone and provider.

  • Temporarily disable call waiting:
     Enter #43# and then press SEND
  • Re-enable call waiting:
    Enter *43# and then press SEND

When in doubt about the status of call waiting, enter *#43# to find out if it is enabled or disabled. A message will appear on your mobile phone’s display telling you whether it is enabled or not.

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