Mobile service guarantee

Guarantees and refunds

Service guarantee
Videotron works hard to ensure your total satisfaction.
We feel so strongly about the exceptional quality of our products and
services that we are pleased to offer you a Satisfaction Program on our equipment*. If you are not entirely satisfied with one or more of your
services within 30 days of activation, Videotron will refund your money!**
*Certain conditions apply

**The amount to be reimbursed which will appear on your invoice will
represent the monthly fees, the equipment (if applicable) and the activation
fees. Administration fees as well as, if applicable, accessories replacement
fees - as described below - shall be deducted from the amount reimbursed.

Usage fees (e.g. long-distance charges, illico On Demand movie rental charges, charges for extra Internet usage, etc.) will be excluded from the reimbursement.

To claim a refund under the 30-day warranty, customers must contact Videotron within 30 days of activation.

For mobile service, please note that the equipment must be returned prior to,
at the first of the following eventualities:

1) Within 30 days of activation; or
2)  Having used less than 50% (or 100% if you are an individual with a disability) of calling time and data included in your Mobile plan or Mobile Internet plan. If your subscribed-to monthly plan includes unlimited usage, condition [1] will not apply to the unlimited option
Subject to change without prior notice.

The equipment must be in "new" condition with all components, manuals
and original packaging. The battery is considered as essential part of the
mobile equipment. The battery is considered as essential part of the mobile equipment.
Administration fees of 17$ will be applied for each accessory missing from
the original casket, excluding the equipment documentation. Applicable taxes not included.

However, if the customer can replace the missing accessory by an identical accessory of the same value, functionalities, power and brand, and such replacement accessory is accepted by Videotron, the 17$ fee will not be
charged to the customer.
All refunds will be credited on the customer’s invoice.
Proof of purchase required.
*** As measured by Videotron's systems.

Manufacturer’s guarantee

As Videotron does not manufacture its own equipment, the only warranties it offers are those of the manufacturers.
If your phone is defective during the manufacturer's warranty period, visit one of our points of sale. The manufacturer's warranty is valid for one year on mobile devices.
A proof of purchase is required to benefit from the satisfaction guarantee or the manufacturer's warranty.
If your warranty is expired or if damages are not covered by the warranty, you must visit a Videotron point of sale.

Please note that:
Defects and damages caused by improper storage, contact with liquid or humidity, physical damage, unauthorized modifications, misuse, neglect, abuse, misapplications, accidents, improper installation, abnormal operating conditions, or acts of God are not covered by the warranty.

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