Mobile internet management policy

Yes, but Videotron only takes measures to manage mobile Internet traffic for its customers subscribed to the Unlimited Voice and data plan.

Videotron starts managing Unlimited Voice and data customers’ Internet traffic when their data usage exceeds 5 GB within a given billing cycle.

Once the 5 GB mark has been surpassed, Unlimited Voice and data  plans’ download and upload speeds will be put in low priority. Depending on the severity and duration of Internet traffic on Videotron’s network, upload and download speeds may be slowed. However, even after a customer has exceeded 5 GB of data use, they may still be privy to unused normal-priority upload and download bandwidth.

Videotron’s mission is to offer the best online experience to as many users as we possibly can. We manage mobile Internet traffic to make sure that a small group of heavy data users does not, even for a moment, negatively affect the service we provide everyone who uses our network.
Videotron does not single out any particular kind of mobile Internet use in particular, nor does it target specific applications, files sharing protocols (i.e. peer-to-peer) or Internet connections (like tethering).
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