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When you use your electronic tablet to surf the Web, you are using the data network. 

The following are a few examples of the amount of data by bandwidth sent and received in reference to different types of activities possible with the Internet on your tablet service:


Activity Amount of data
sent or received*
Viewing a Twitter page 0.17 MB
Watching a video on YouTube 1 MB/min
Downloading an application
1 MB 
Online gaming session 30 MB/h
Listening to a streaming song
(4 min)
4 MB  
Sending an instant message
(50 characters) 
0.03 MB 

* These are approximate values that may vary according to the type of activity.

Yes. You can use Internet on your tablet on the Videotron partner network in Canada and the US. Call Customer Service to activate it. You’ll be charged for your data usage. Note, however, that roaming charges apply when you use the Internet outside the Videotron network. Abroad, you can use a Wi-Fi connection.

If you’re using your tablet to access the Internet outside of the area covered by the Videotron network, it is possible that the speed is slower due to the lack of availability of the Videotron mobile network connection on our partner network.

However, if you are within the Videotron network’s coverage area and your connection is unusually slow, contact Videotron’s Technical Support

Here are some of the most common error messages, along with the corresponding solutions.


HTTP Error 400 Bad request. You have entered an invalid address. Please try again. If that fails, contact Videotron’s Technical Support.
HTTP Error 401 Unauthorized. You have entered an incorrect user name or password. Enter the user name or password again. If that fails, contact Videotron’s Technical Support. 
HTTP Error 402 Payment required.   Contact Videotron’s Customer Service.
HTTP Error 403 Forbidden. You do not have access to this resource. Contact Videotron’s Technical Support.
HTTP Error 503 Service unavailable. Please try again later.

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