Internet on your mobile

Understand everything about Internet on your Mobile from usage to billing.


1- What is Internet on your mobile?
Find out what our mobile data packages have to offer. Learn more


2- Understanding what influences mobile data usage
Learn more about what influences data usage: data capacity, type and frequency of use, etc. Learn more


3- Your data usage monitoring tools
Discover the tools for monitoring that Videotron has made available to you.
Learn more


4- What is mobile data overage?
Understanding the concept of overage to better choose your data add-on.
Learn more 


5- Which overage caps apply?
Learn more


6- First invoice – Pro-rated
Find out more on how charges for a new service will be billed on a pro-rated basis. Learn more


7- FAQ
Answers to the most frequently asked questions. Learn more


8- How do disable your Internet connexion on your mobile?

View our interactive demos and discover how to disable your device’s mobile Internet connection. To do so, click here and select your device. This will allow you to access our interactive demo menu and choose the one that corresponds to your device.

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