International roaming

Multiple networks and roaming mode in Canada and abroad

You’ll have no problems using your mobile telephone service when travelling in the rest of Canada or abroad.
The Videotron network corresponds to the network covered by Videotron’s mobile telephony transmission antennas, representing most regions of Quebec and certain bordering areas in Ontario (eastern Ontario).
The partner network designates the network covered by the transmission antennas of a partner carrier. Videotron has signed mobile-phone service agreements with these partners. It ensures optimal coverage in Quebec and eastern Ontario until our own network is fully developed.
Videotron’s extended network includes both the Videotron network and the Videotron partner network.
This term refers to use of your mobile phone in an area outside Videotron’s extended network, i.e. outside Quebec and certain border areas in Ontario.
This term refers to use of your mobile phone when you are travelling in the United States or in certain Central American countries served by the long-distance access code “1” (e.g. 1 XXX XXX-XXXX).
This term describes use of your mobile phone when you are travelling anywhere in the world outside Canada or the US (or zone 1 countries).


Videotron’s tablet data and messaging services work automatically on the Videotron network. If you want to use them outside this area, contact Customer Service to activate them. These services do not work abroad.

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