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To keep providing you the best experience out there, our devices are programmed to use the Videotron network first. If your device is out of range, it will automatically connect to the next available partner network and display its name onscreen as follows: Videotron PRTNR (Quebec and the Greater Ottawa region), Videotron PRTNR1 (in Canada, outside Quebec) or Videotron PRTNR2  (all of Canada).


Since we have agreements with most wireless service providers in Canada, it’s better to let the device do the selecting for you. That way, you get the very best coverage, every time.

Extended coverage refers to all the providers that are a part of the Partner 2 network. It’s available across Quebec and nationwide. Extended coverage kicks in when the Videotron network or main partner network is out of range—that’s why you’ll see PRTNR2 displayed onscreen when you’re connected to it.

All of our All-Inclusive Canada plans, in addition to select monthly plans, are eligible for Videotron’s extended coverage. Your device must be compatible with the partner network  you visit, however. Also, you have to set your device’s data roaming option to “on”.


Most devices are compatible with our extended coverage networks. The following table lists devices that are not:


Manufacturer Model
LG F4N, F4NR, Optimus 2X, Optimus 4X, dLite
Samsung C414V, Galaxy Mini, Gravity II, Gravity Touch
Alcatel OT-908S
HTC Flyer, Nexus One, Panache
Motorola MileStone (XT720), Spice (XT300)
BlackBerry Apollo 9360, Bold 9700, Curve 9300, Dakota 9900, Dumoine 9810, Monza 9860, Pearl 9100
Nokia Nokia C5-04, E73
Huawei U3200, U7519
Garmin A50
Extended coverage partner networks are to be considered complementary, the usage of which is limited. We reserve the right to restrict access to partner networks in the event the customer does not primarily use the Videotron network for two consecutive billing cycles.

Some special codes for entertainment and informational purposes are exclusive to Videotron. Also, international calls to certain countries may be limited or impossible to make via partner networks.


While we expect optimal performance from our partners, signal quality, technology and data transfer speeds may vary off the Videotron network. When you transition from our network to another, calls may be dropped and must be re-established. Data transfer may also be interrupted.

There are no additional charges when you use our extended coverage. Roaming charges do apply when Quebec plan customers use our partner networks in the rest of Canada.
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