Samsung Galaxy S4™

Android 4.2.2 update available for the Samsung Galaxy S4™

Important news!


Update your Samsung Galaxy S4 operating system for free, and improve

your phone’s performance and reliability!


This Samsung Galaxy  S4  software update includes:

  • “App2SD,” which allows users to store apps on an external microSD
    memory card
  • Samsung Video Hub app updated to version 1.00.062402.3
  • A fix added to correct a bug in the interaction between the Multi-Window
    setting and device boot up.

Videotron customers who use a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone can download
and install a free update of their operating system, which is now available.
This update features fixes and improvements that will allow users to get the
most out of their Galaxy S4. Note that all your photos, videos, contacts and
other personal data will be saved during the software update.


All Videotron customers with a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone will receive a
notification informing them that the free software update of their operating
system is now available.


Steps to follow


You will receive an on-screen notification explaining that your update is

available and that it is ready to be downloaded.


Due to the large file size to be downloaded we recommend that you connect
your device to a Wi-Fi network in order to begin the download.  We also
recommended that you keep your Galaxy S4 device connected to a charger
throughout the update. You can also update your Galaxy S4 via a USB
connection using the Samsung Kies application, or via Kies Wi-Fi.






Select “Install” once you have confirmed that you are ready to start the

update process.






The download will begin.


Once the download is complete, the phone will restart.






Your Samsung Galaxy S4 device is now up to date!


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