LG Optimus 2X

Software Update

Significant changes have been made. A free Android software update is

available to any Videotron subscriber with an LG Optimus 2X device.

Visit LG Canada’s Website and follow the instructions.


What has changed:

SMS messaging

- Text messages (SMS) can now be received on your phone. The problem

of SMSs hidden in the SIM card memory has been resolved.


Access to voicemail in speaker mode

- The phone’s dial tones (DTMF) have been adjusted to provide access to

voicemail, even when the phone is in speaker mode.


Angry Birds game

- The Angry Birds game has been updated.


Google security application software

- An update improving the security level has been added.


Android 2.2 (Froyo)

- The update retains the current Android 2.2 version (Froyo);

this is the version of the Android OS which has been made

available to Videotron by Google and the handset manufacturer

(LG Canada).


Steps to follow

Visit LG Canada’s mobile support site:


 LG Optimus 2x update

Select your device model. For the LG Optimus 2X marketed by Videotron, the model

name is “P999.” Search for it in the list or enter the name in the field provided.


LG Optimus 2x update


Then click the “Windows USB Driver” button. This tool will install the drivers that allow

your computer to communicate with your Optimus 2X phone.


LG Optimus 2x update


The next two windows ask for your authorization to proceed. Click Run (“Execute”)

in each case.


LG Optimus 2x update


LG Optimus 2x update


Then proceed with installation of the USB drivers.


LG Optimus 2x update


You can now install the LG tool to perform the update:


LG Optimus 2x update


Select Run (“Execute”) in the windows that appear:


LG Optimus 2x update



LG Optimus 2x update


This window will inform you that installation of the tool and drivers is complete. You

can now connect your LG Optimus 2X using a USB cable.


LG Optimus 2x update


When the “Telephone connected” indication appears, proceed with the update by clicking

“Start Updating.”


Mise à jour LG Optimus 2x


Don’t disconnect the phone during the update. And wait until installation is complete.

To find out if your update was successful, go in the Menu (in the bottom-left of the

screen), select “Settings”, then “About the Phone”, and finally “Version.”

The version of the update should be “LG-P999-AVC- 21d.”


That’s it: Your phone is now updated!


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