LG Nexus 4

Android 4.3 update available for the
Nexus 4 OS

Important news!


Update your Google Nexus 4’s operating system with a software update
and improve the performance and reliability of your device!

All Videotron customers who have a Nexus 4 phone are strongly encouraged
to download and install the software update (free of charge), available as of
now. This update will ensure that version 4.3 (Jelly Bean) of the Android
operating system is installed on your Nexus 4 phone.

Follow these steps to start the software update:

In the phone menu select:


Update - LG Nexus 4


About Phone

Update - LG Nexus 4


System updates

Update - LG Nexus 4


Check now
Update - LG Nexus 4



The software update will appear as available; all you need to do is download
it to your phone.


Finally, restart the device and install the update.

  • The software will be automatically sent to your phone via the mobile network. You will not need to connect your phone to a PC or other device.
  • It is recommended that you connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network before downloading the update. This is the quickest and most reliable way to install the update.
  • Note that the update may also be downloaded for free while your phone is connected to Videotron’s network. All your contacts, as well as all the photos, personal music, videos and applications you’ve downloaded will remain in your phone after the update.
  • Note that due to the progressive delivery of the update, it is normal that some customers receive the update before others. If you do not receive the update on the first try, please be patient, as you should receive it in the next few days.


French Canadian keyboard

When you turn your Nexus 4 phone on for the first time, if you select French as your
language, the phone’s keyboard will be automatically set to AZERTY (French from

France). To set the keyboard to QWERTY (French Canadian), follow these steps:

In the phone’s menu select:

  • Settings/Language and 
    Input/Keypad and Input Methods/Android Keyboard: Tap the settings icon on the right.
  • Android keyboard settings: Select “Input Languages” (“French” will already be selected).
  • Input Languages/Android Keyboard: Uncheck the box marked “Use the system language.”
  • Active input methods: Check the box marked “French (Canada).” Uncheck the box marked “French.”
  • The keyboard is now set to French Canadian QWERTY!

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