HTC Radar™ 4G

Windows Phone 7.8 update available for the HTC Radar 4G

Update your HTC Radar 4G operating system for free, and improve your phone’s

performance and reliability!


The Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade includes several new and improved features, such as:

  • A new home screen with customizable tiles
  • Additional colour themes
  • Improved lock screen: set Bing’s Daily Photo as wallpaper

Videotron customers with an HTC Radar 4G can upgrade their device’s operating system

to Windows Phone 7.8 for free. To do so, just connect your HTC Radar 4G phone to your

PC, open the Zune app and follow the instructions.


Steps to follow

Confirm that your PC has the latest version of Zune installed.   The application can be
downloaded at the following address:


Once you connect your HTC Radar 4G phone and open the Zune software, the update window will pop up on your screen.




Select “Update Now” once you have confirmed that you are ready to start
the update.




The update will begin.


Once the update is complete, a confirmation window will pop up.




Your HTC Radar 4G phone is now updated!


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