HTC Flyer 4G

Free update

All Videotron subscribers with an HTC Flyer tablet will receive a free

operating system update.


The update will be sent automatically to your tablet via our mobile

network. No cable connection is required.


Steps to follow

You will receive a notification on your HTC Flyer tablet’s screen,

as shown in the illustration below.



If you don’t see this notification appear on your tablet’s screen,

you can search for the update by completing the following



HTC Flyer version Android 3.2 update.

Select “Menu”, then “Settings”.


HTC Flyer version Android 3.2 update.

Select “About Tablet”,


HTC Flyer version Android 3.2 update.

then click on “Software Updates”.


HTC Flyer version Android 3.2 update.

Finally, select “Check Now”. The notification should then appear

on your screen.


HTC Flyer version Android 3.2 update.

We strongly recommend that you start the update after you have

connected your device to a Wi-Fi network. This is the fastest and

most reliable way to receive and install it.


Select “Wi-Fi or Cable Only”, then click “OK” (as shown above).
HTC Flyer version Android 3.2 update.

Note that the update can also be carried out for free when your

device is connected to the Videotron network. Any contacts,

photos, music, videos and applications you have downloaded

will be saved after the update.


Due to differences between the versions of Android’s operating

system, the home screen layout will revert to the default layout

once the update has been completed. Though the backlit buttons

HOME, MENU and RETURN will be disabled, the corresponding

options will still be available on-screen.


Please read the following instructions:

HTC Flyer version Android 3.2 update.

Select “Install Now”, then click “OK”.


The installation will begin.


It should take approximately five minutes. During this time,

you will not be able to use the tablet. When the installation

is complete, the tablet will restart.



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