Blackberry Torch 9860

A free BlackBerry operating system upgrade is available to 

Videotron subscribers who own a BlackBerry Torch 9860

device. Simply connect your BlackBerry Torch to your

computer using the BlackBerry Desktop application and

follow the instructions. 



First, make sure you have the latest version of the

BlackBerry Desktop Software installed on your computer.


The application can be downloaded at the following address:

It is recommended that you download the application, even

if you already have it installed on your computer, to ensure

that you have the latest version.

When your Torch 9860 is connected to the BlackBerry

Desktop software, the upgrade option will be displayed

on the screen.


BlackBerry Torch 9860 update


Select “Get Upgrade”.


BlackBerry Torch 9860 update


The connection to your device will then be established.


BlackBerry Torch 9860 update


Confirm your choice of options before proceeding with the

installation of the upgrade. Make sure the box “Back Up

Device Data” is checked before proceeding with the

software update. 


BlackBerry Torch 9860 update


Wait a few moments for the upgrade to install.


BlackBerry Torch 9860 update


Once the installation is complete, disconnect your

BlackBerry Torch. The device is now upgraded with

the latest version for your device (Bundle 2406). 


 BlackBerry Torch 9860 update 

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