All-Inclusive Plan

Functioning and admissibility
What are the new All-Inclusive plans?
The new All-Inclusive plans diminish the risk of data overage fees. These plans come with 100 Gb of bonus data each year. Every month, a maximum of 20 Gb of excess data can be used, free of charge and with no speed limit, anywhere in Canada.
What is the 100 Gb bonus? How does it work?

In addition to the basic data included in the All-Inclusive plan you subscribe to, you get 100 Gb of bonus data per year, which you can use free of charge.

You data use is deducted from your monthly plan limit, and any excess data use is deducted, free of charge, from the 100 Gb bonus, for a maximum limit of 20 Gb per month.

How much does the 100 Gb bonus cost? 
This bonus is included, free of charge, in all our All-Inclusive plans.
What happens once I’ve exceeded the 20 Gb free-of-charge data?
Once you have used up the 20 Gb free-of-charge monthly data, you can always purchase a Data Add-on or pay as you go.
How can I take advantage of the 100 Gb bonus? I’m already a customer—am I admissible for a All-Inclusive plan?
The All-Inclusive plans are available to new and existing Residential customers who opt for a new device or bring their own.
What happens to my plan after 12 months?

The 100 Gb bonus resets every year on the day you originally subscribed to the All-Inclusive plan; this date is indicated on your agreement and invoice.

Usage and billing
Can I share my 100 Gb bonus?
At Videotron, everyone gets their own plan and data. Our plans are all separate from one another, so that you can take full advantage of your data without having to share.
How can I track or manage my data consumption?

The User Centre + app lets you track how much of the data included in your All-Inclusive plan has been used. Thanks to the app, you can also keep tabs, each month, on the 20 Gb of usable, free-of-charge data included in the 100 Gb of bonus data offered with a Zen plan subscription. Your consumption of this 100 Gb of bonus data (covering a period of one year) appears in a progression bar in the User Centre + app.

We will send you a text message when you are 100 Mb from the data limit included in your All-Inclusive plan. We will send you another text message once you have reached the 20 Gb of monthly bonus data.

What happens after I’ve used up the 100 Gb bonus? Can I get another bonus 100 Gb?
Our All-Inclusive plans come with only one 100 Gb bonus per year, per telephone number. If you need more data, we suggest you subscribe to a more data-generous plan, or purchase Data Add-ons.
If I switch over to a All-Inclusive plan, do all the lines associated with my account need to get switched over, too?
All the plans under your account are independent. That means some lines can be subscribed to a All-Inclusive plan, while others can remain subscribed to their current plan.
Can I change plans over the course of the 12 months and still keep my bonus data?
It is possible to switch plans and still maintain the 100 Gb of annual bonus data. However, if you elect to switch your plan for one that is not part of the All-Inclusive category, your 100 Gb bonus will be removed. If you signed a 24-month agreement and you decide to switch to an inferior priced plan, fees related to the device discount may apply.
What happens when I’m outside Canada?
The 100 Gb bonus is valid in Canada only.
Is the Daily Traveller Pass compatible with the All-Inclusive plans?
The Daily Traveller Pass is compatible with all our All-Inclusive plans and lets you use your plan’s basic data in countries covered by this option.
Can I keep the extra Data Add-ons and/or bonus data included in my current plan?
Certain customers who received extra Data Add-ons as a result of Unlimited Music plans being cancelled are entitled to keeping these Data Add-ons when switching to a All-Inclusive plan. Other bonus data offers are not compatible with these new plans.
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