Videotron's 4G network

Videotron’s network is a highly advanced network. Recent telecommunication technologies have allowed us to upgrade to 4G thereby optimizing capacity and speed.

Plus, ours is one of the most advanced and sophisticated networks in Quebec. With over 90% of our antennas connected to our fibre optic landline network, Videotron customers can enjoy the full benefit of technological convergence. Specifically, this translates to such cutting-edge services as multi-screen viewing with cross-platform pause and resume, DVR remote scheduling and voice mail by


Frequently Asked Questions

Technology is said to be 4G if it is evolutionary and offers performance that is markedly superior to that of the first 3G+ networks dating from the early

2000s (speed of 384 Kbps).

A 4G network delivers unparalleled performance. It implements Direct Tunnel technology to transfer mobile data via the most direct route within the network.

This means lower network latency and more efficient data transfers. Furthermore, HSPA technology offers speeds of up to 21 Mbps.

Your 3G+ device will not cease to work—it will still work on the 4G network.

In order to be able to provide superior data transfer speeds, Videotron offers a number of HSPA phones within its range of devices.

Since its launch, the Videotron network has been in a constant state of upgrade. As a result, you will not be required to migrate to a new network.
If you subscribed to Videotron’s mobile phone service before June 30, 2010, and have not yet migrated to the new Videotron network, you will only need to migrate to the new network once you have been contacted by one of our representatives.
It is not possible to convert your 3G+ device to 4G. However, Videotron’s mobile network is highly advanced. Thanks to the most recent telecommunications technology, your phone will be upgraded to 4G,  and you’ll benefit from increased speed and a higher data transfer capacity. 
If you have a 3G+ phone, the 3G+ indicator will remain on your screen even if your device is operating on the 4G network. If you have an HSPA phone, the 4G indicator will show up on your screen.

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