How to pay your bill

Which payment methods are accepted to pay your Videotron bill?

Here are the different ways to pay your balance.

Good to know 

You can view your Helix service invoice online anytime through My Helix Account.

View the payment methods for your Helix service invoice.

Paying through your bank’s website

You can pay your Videotron bill online through any Canadian financial institution. 

Add Videotron as a payee in your online bank account. 

Pre-authorized payments

You can set up authorized payment by yourself. Go to your User Centre + mobile app or log in to your online Customer Centre

Here are the two options:

  • Direct debit payment from your bank account
  • Automatic payment on your credit card

Activating pre-authorized payment in the User Centre + app

  1. Select “My Bill” on the User Centre + app home screen.
  2. Then select the “Register for Pre-Authorized Debit” option.
  3. Enter your banking information.


Have you downloaded the User Centre + app on your mobile device? It’s free! Go to the App Store or Google Play

Activating pre-authorized payment in your Customer Centre online

  1. Select “Register for Pre-Authorized Debit”. 
  2. Then enter your banking information.

Ready? Log in to your Customer Centre.

Changing your payment preferences

Already enrolled for pre-authorized payment? Change your payment method yourself, if necessary: direct payment from your bank account or to your credit card.

On the User Centre + app:

  • Select “My Invoice” on the User Centre + app home screen.
  • Select “Change” in the Pre-Authorized Payment section.
  • Change your payment preferences.

In your online Customer Centre:

  1. Log in to your Customer Centre.
  2. Select “Change my Pre-Authorized Debit”.
  3. Changing your payment preferences.

By cheque or money order


You can pay your bill by sending us a cheque or money order. 

Our address:

Vidéotron Ltd.
C.P. 11078
Succ. Centre-Ville
Montréal, QC  H3C 5B7

To avoid delays in payment, please allow five business days for receipt and processing of your cheque.


We do not accept post-dated cheques. If you wish to pay in advance, activate authorized payment

By credit card

Credit card payment

Here’s how:

  1. Call 1-866-380-2967 to make your payment. 
  2. Select Option 2.
  3. Follow the instructions.

Your Videotron account will be credited within 24 business hours.

Need help understanding your bill?

Need help viewing your Videotron bill?