Securing your router

Zyxel wifi Router

For security reasons, Videotron recommends that you change your Wi-Fi Router’s default password at installation and on a regular basis thereinafter. For optimum protection of your Wi-Fi connection, make sure to use a strong, secure password. Opt for a password that combines upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. The recommended minimum password length is 13 characters and the recommended maximum password length is 63 characters. Depending on the type of device and/or platform being used, it may not be possible to use all the characters and the number of characters may be limited.

Procedure for changing the SSID network name and the Wi-Fi network password of the ZyXel EMG2926 router provided by Videotron.

1- Open a tab and type into the address bar, then hit Enter on your keyboard to access the router’s configuration pages.

2- Enter the administrator password, then click Connect.

3- Click Wireless Security at the bottom right.

4- Change the SSID name or the password for the 2.4GHz wireless network. If you want to reconfigure the 5GHz network, go to the Wireless Network menu, then choose 5GHz from the menu.

5- Once these configuration changes are complete, click Apply in order to save the changes.