How can you monitor your Internet data usage? 

We’ll help you monitor your usage. We’ll send you notifications and alerts to help you avoid going over your plan’s limits. 

You can also monitor your usage and add data add-ons or modify your plan as needed. 

You’ll receive an email notification when you have used 75%, 90% and 100% of your data.

We’ll send you email notifications to help you track your Residential Internet usage. This service is free. 

This means that you automatically get notified when you have used 75%, 90% and 100% of the data included in your plan. 

Email notifications are sent to the address on file. To view your Internet usage notifications, log in to your Customer Centre.

Good to know

Are you a Videotron Mobile customer? You can choose to receive free text notifications.

You’ll receive a data usage alert before you go over your limit.

After receiving the preventive notifications, you’ll receive an alert when you’ve gone over your plan’s data limit. 

If needed, you can add data add-ons


Videotron sends you email or SMS notifications for information purposes only. Videotron cannot be held liable if these notices are delayed or not received.

View how much of your plan’s data has been used.

The progress bar in the Customer Centre makes it easy to see the how much of your data allowance has been used. 

The number shown is a percentage.

Internet data usage progress bar in the Videotron Customer Centre

The progress bar shows your modem’s Internet usage compared with your plan’s monthly limit. 

Are you using more data than your plan allows for?

Colour code:

GREEN: Everything is good, your usage does not exceed your plan’s Internet allowance. 

RED: Be careful, you are going over your plan’s Internet allowance. Data overuse is shown in red.

Good to know

What Internet activities use up the most data? Find out what’s heavy on data…

Your Internet usage information is updated 4 times a day. The times may vary, so rely on the date and time of your last update.

View your data usage information.

You will find more information on your monthly data transfer allowance (your usage) in your Customer Centre. The allowance depends on which plan you have. 

Have you changed your plan? Find the date of the last update to better understand your usage information.

You can view your usage history for the last 3 months.

You can view your usage history for the 3 months prior to the current billing period. 

That way, you can decide whether or not you need to change your plan. Log in to your Customer Centre.

Track your daily Internet usage.

Hover your cursor over each bar of the graph (see below) to display the details. You will see your upload and download usage for the target date. 

Find the “Internet Usage” section once you’ve logged in to your Client Space.

Conso internet image no 2  EN

Learn more about tools to prevent data overuse 

Don’t have enough data? Avoid penalty fees, shop for a better plan

Want an app to monitor your usage? Here is the required user key

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