What is Wi-Fi ?

What types of Wi-Fi frequencies are there?

Wi-Fi frequencies
2-frequenceToday, most routers use two separate frequencies to communicate simultaneously with network devices: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
2,4 GHz
  • This frequency offers the best coverage
  • Compared with 5 GHz, this frequency passes through matter more easily
  • It is very widely used, therefore it is also exposed to interference that could affect the quality of the Wi-Fi signal, i.e. by diminishing the performance of the devices connected to your wireless network
  • The more devices connected to the Wi-Fi network, the weaker the strength of this frequency, compared with the 5 GHz

5 GHz
  • This frequency offers less coverage than the 2.4 GHz
  • It has a harder time passing through matter
  • It is used less, therefore it is not as exposed to interference
  • It offers more bandwidth, therefore allowing a higher transfer speed
  • New Wi-Fi technology uses 5 Ghz exclusively, which allows for a much greater transfer speed than that of the 2.4 GHz

What determine which frequency a wireless device should use ?
To determine which frequency a wireless device should use, simply choose the right one when your device connects to the Wi-Fi network, where your device's technology allows it. We recommend that you opt for the 5 Ghz network where possible in order to maximize download speed.
How do you connect networks?

Historically, the 2.4 GHz frequency is the most commonly used to connect Wi-Fi devices, which is why it's also the most congested. It’s a kind of base network (e.g. Videotron1234).

If your device is compatible with the 5 Ghz network, its performance will likely be better on that frequency. In order to establish a connection via the 5 GHz frequency, look for a network of the same name, but with “_5GHz” or “_Media” tagged on at the end (e.g. Videotron1234_5GHz, Videotron1234_Media).

While the two network names and the password may differ from one network to another, the basic configurations are the same for both.

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