What is Wi-Fi ?

What are the main problems that can occur on Wi-Fi networks?

Physical obstacles

A Wi-Fi signal will lose its strength when it travels through matter and becomes weaker faster than if it travels freely through the air.

How to resolve it

Place the router in a strategic spot in your home, ideally at the centre of it, so as to maximize Wi-Fi signal coverage.

Shared antenna time

Wi-Fi routers take turns communicating with devices, so they compete for limited antenna time. Because older and slower devices need more time to communicate, they can greatly slow down the overall performance of your Wi-Fi network.

How to resolve it

For optimum Wi-Fi performance, it’s useful to use the latest devices equipped with cutting-edge technology.

You can also disconnect your devices from the Wi-Fi network when you’re not using them and, using an Ethernet cable, connect fixed devices that are frequently used, such as your smart TV or your game console.

Interference of non-Wi-Fi devices

Your neighbours’ Wi-Fi networks may greatly affect the performance of your personal network if they use the same communication channel as your router. Routers that communicate over the same Wi-Fi channel are a bit like at a restaurant when several tables of people in close proximity are all talking at the same time: with so much background noise it becomes difficult to understand each other, and you need to repeat yourself over and over again. When other routers interfere with yours, which needs to repeat itself often, the total shared antenna time is reduced.

How to resolve it

Choose the channels that are the least used by your neighbours. Furthermore, there will most likely be less interference on the 5 GHz frequency.

Interference of non-Wi-Fi devices

Many other types of devices use the same frequencies as your Wi-Fi router. It’s therefore possible that other devices, like a microwave, sound bar, baby monitor, mobile phone or even a remote-control car can slow down the performance of your Wi-Fi network.

How to resolve it

For compatible devices, using the 5 GHz frequency may help you to avoid this kind of interference.

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