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Wi-Fi Enhancing Devices

Videotron’s custom Wi-Fi installation allows you to access your Wi-Fi network from any room in your home. We also offer solutions based on your needs, as well as the physical constraints of your home.

Please note that wall thickness and layout, as well as the number of objects located in the surrounding of the Wi-Fi’s signal, can sometimes affect Wi-Fi speed. Sources of interference within the customer’s Wi-Fi environment (e.g. other nearby connections, microwaves, non-DECT cordless phones) can also affect the quality of the Wi-Fi signal.

In some cases, a Wi-Fi optimizer may be required. The device used may vary depending on the customer’s needs. In all cases, Wi-Fi speed cannot be guaranteed.

Below you will find important information concerning these devices:

User Guide

What is Powerline technology?
Powerline technology extends Internet access to the rooms in your home where the Wi-Fi signal is weak. This technology boasts an electrical circuit accessible from every room without having to rely on additional wiring. You must own at least two Powerline devices for your network to work. Devices such as the DHP-308 and the DHP-310 and the DHP-W611 set run on Powerline technology.

What is a wireless repeater?
The Arris WR2100 and D-Link DAP-1620 wireless repeater recreates the Wi-Fi signal of any router, thus ensuring better coverage in areas where the signal is weak or non-existent. The repeater is placed halfway between the Wi-Fi router (or the Wi-Fi point of access) and the room/zone experiencing a weak signal.

I am unable to turn on my Powerline device. What should I do? 
Verify that your device is plugged into an electrical outlet. The Powerline device cannot function if it is not connected to your home’s electrical system.

How do I reset the equipment’s default settings?
Consult the User Guide that came with the equipment you wish to reset.

D-Link DHP-310 firmware upgrade

Note: Do not unplug the power supply or Ethernet cable during this procedure.

  1. Plug the DHP-310 device into an electrical outlet.
  2. Using an Ethernet RJ-45 cable, connect the computer to the DHP-310 device.
  3. To access the Configuration Wizard, open a Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and type:
    http://dlinkapXXXX or
    http://dlinkap or
    (XXXX corresponds to the last four digits of the device’s MAC address). The full address can be found on the wireless configuration card that comes in the DHP-310 box.
  4. Make a note of the number of the firmware’s current version found at the top of the Login page.
  5. Download the upgrade.
  6. Go to Tools > Firmware
  7. Locate and select the firmware upgrade file using the option marked Upload > Choose File
  8. Once the file is selected, it will appear in the Wizard.
  9. To start the upgrade, click on the Upload button.
  10. The following message will appear onscreen, confirming that the upgrade is in progress.
    Firmwae Upload
  11. Once the upgrade is complete, it is possible that the computer disconnects from the network and that the following message appears
    La connexion a échouéAfter a few seconds, the Wizard will be accessible again.
    Note: The error message may vary depending on your browser.
  12. Lastly, a confirmation will appear indicating that the upgrade is complete.

• D-Link DHP-308 firmware update


  • Do not unplug the power supply or Ethernet cable during this procedure. Doing so may damage the device.
  • You must install the setup utility in order to process the update.
  1. Once you’ve downloaded the software, double click on the exe file. The setup window below will then open:
  2. Click Next > to continue.
  3. Then, click Install to start the installation.
  4. A new window will appear indicating the installation’s progress.
  5. Once the installation is complete, a window will pop up to let you know that it’s done. Then, hit the Finish button.
  6. The setup utility will then open.

Now that the setup utility has been installed, it’s time to update the device.

  1. Plug the HomePlug 308AV device into a socket.
  2. Connect the device to your computer using an Ethernet RJ-45 cable.
  3. Make sure the device is working properly (lights for power and Ethernet are green).
  4. Open the setup utility: the following window should open (if you haven’t done so yourself).
  5. Next, hit the Scan button.
    Scanning Devices...
  6. Click on the Device tab and write down your current firmware version.
    Firmware Version
  7. Click on FW Upgrade. 
    Firmware Upgrade
  8. A window for selecting the update file will then open. Click the Browse button.
  9. Select the software version that was downloaded in step 4 and then hit Open.
  10. Lastly, confirm that you’ve chosen the proper file and then click OK.
  11. The firmware update should begin and a window should open letting you know its progress. Wait a few seconds.
    Firmware is upgrading please wait few seconds...
  12. Once the update is complete a message will appear. Hit OK.
    Firmware has been upgraded successfully
  13. Finally, check to see if the firmware version number has changed in the Device tab..
    Firmware Version

• Arris WR2100 firmware upgrade
Do not unplug the power supply or Ethernet cable during this procedure. Doing so may damage the device.

  1. Plug the WR2100 into an electrical outlet.
  2. Press the device’s on/off button.
  3. Wait for the device to become operational (after approximately 60 seconds, the power supply indicator will flash green).
  4. Using an Ethernet RJ-45 cable, connect the WR2100 device to your computer.
  5. To access the Configuration Wizard, open a Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and type into the search bar.
  6. Next, enter the following default information:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: password
  7. Go to Administration > Maintenance
  8. Locate and select the firmware upgrade file by clicking Browse in the Upgrade  Firmware section.
  9. To start the upgrade, click on the Upgrade button.
  10. La mise à jour de l’appareil démarre, et une fenêtre s’ouvre, indiquant où en est le processus. Attendre quelques secondes.
  11. Make sure that the newest version is installed by clicking on Status in the Administration section.
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