Improve Wi-Fi coverage

Tips for getting Wi-Fi all around your house

The DIR-825 Wi-Fi router from Videotron provides you with an Internet signal, no matter where you are within the network coverage area. Please note that the thickness and location of walls, and the number of objects in the network’s path may limit reception. In order for your router to work at full capacity, please follow the instructions in this guide.


1. Place your router in a central location, ideally in an open area. If your computers are upstairs, and your router, on the ground floor, then place your router in an elevated position.


2. Keep your router off the floor and away from glass, metal objects, mirrors and water sources.


3. Replace your computer’s wireless adapter. To determine whether the adapter is the root of the problem, connect a new computer or smartphone to your Wi-Fi network. If the devices work properly, then your adapter needs to be replaced.


4. Find the right wireless channel. Your neighbours’ wireless channel may interfere with yours. Here’s how to change channels:

1: Connect your device to your router.
2: Go to “Wireless Settings” and select the “Manual Setup” option for your Internet connection.
3: Uncheck the box marked “Activate Automatic Channel Scan” and select the wireless channel you want.


Router DIR-825 Configuration


5. Lessen the possibility of interference on your wireless router by keeping it away from wireless phones, microwaves, baby monitors or any other wireless electronic devices operating in the 2.4 GHz range.

By using the DIR-825 router from Videotron, which uses both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (lesser used) frequencies, you’ll experience less interference on your Wi-Fi network.


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