How to connect and manage your Wi-Fi network

Connection problems

Step 1
Checking the power supply for an Internet modem
Make sure your router and modem are plugged in and that both devices are properly connected to each other with an Ethernet cable.
Make sure the button on the side of your New Generation Router is pushed in so that your Wi-Fi network is detectable.

Step 2
Checking that a Videotron Internet modem is workingEnsure that your modem's "Online" and "Power" lights are on.
If they're not, reset your modem. Consult  RESET YOUR MODEM
Step 3
Check that your Wireless Internet or Wi-Fi network is working (63) Check that a device’s Wireless Internet connection works. Is Wi-Fi is down? Reset your router.   Does the Internet seem like it’s not working? Test your connection by plugging in the device (ex: a computer) directly into the router. Use an Ethernet cable. Before resetting your modem (2), turn off and restart the device you’re using.Check whether you can connect another device to the Wi-Fi network.
Also check the connection by plugging your computer into the router using an Ethernet cable.
If it still won't connect, reset the device you're using.
Step 4
Disconnecting and reconnecting an Internet routerIf none of your devices connect to the Internet or the devices that are connected to Wi-Fi, reset your router by unplugging it, waiting about 10 seconds, then plugging it back in.
Step 5
If the problem persists and still affects all your computers, plug your computer directly into the modem using an Ethernet cable.
Reset your modem. Consult RESET YOUR MODEM
Wait a few minutes before trying to connect to the network again.
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