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Router and overusage

We suggest you get into the habit of verifying your Internet usage regularly at the Videotron Customer Centre.


If you believe you are not responsible for the overusage, verify your computer’s security as soon as possible. A variety of viruses, spyware and Trojan horses can, without your knowledge, take up excessive use of your bandwidth. Some even give computer pirates the opportunity to penetrate your computer files.


P2P software that remains open can pose risks. To learn more, visit  Is P2P software open on one of your computers?


An unsecured or poorly secured wireless router is also capable of authorizing undesirable external connections from the neighbourhood. To learn more, visit Is P2P software open on one of your computers?


If you suspect a computer crime, contact your local police station or the Sûreté du Québec.

Vous pouvez présenter une réclamation auprès de votre assureur, si les crimes informatiques sont couverts par votre police d'assurance.

You can make a claim with your insurer if computer crimes are covered by your insurance policy.

Please remember that Videotron cannot be held responsible for the security of your Internet access, router or computer, as specified in our service contract.

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