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Location of the wireless router, and wireless signal power

If possible, put your wireless router in the middle of your home so wireless signal power is at a maximum throughout.


Avoid putting the wireless router on the floor; find an elevated location for it.


Avoid putting it near a wall or beside metal objects (e.g. metal filing cabinet). The more space there is around your computer and the less obstructed your router signal is, the more likely you are to maximize your router signal.


If your house is big and the signal is becoming weak or nonexistent and there isn’t a better location for your router, try using a wireless repeater. With a wireless repeater, you can extend your wireless router’s range without using a cable. By putting a wireless repeater midway between the router and your computer, your wireless signal power is boosted instantaneously.


The signal should circulate in both directions, from the router to the computer, and vice versa. With less recent portable computers or lower quality network cards, the router is strong enough to reach the computer, but, in the other direction, the computer is incapable of reaching the router. To remedy this situation, replace the wireless network card with a higher quality card with an external antenna. The signal’s range will increase in power.

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