Router configuration

Connecting the router

Look at how your equipment is currently connected to Videotron’s cable modem. The connection probably looks much like the diagram below.


Remove the network cable from your computer and connect it to your router’s WAN port (often called “Internet port”). It is usually easy to distinguish this port from other ports by its colour or greater distance from the other ports.



Reinitialize Videotron’s cable modem. For models that do not support cable telephony, simply unplug the black power supply cord at the back of the modem and reconnect it after a few seconds. For models supporting cable telephony, this procedure cannot be applied, because the backup battery prevents the modem from reinitializing itself. You must therefore press the Reset button (located inside a small hole) at the back of the modem with a pointed object such as the tip of a pen. There is no need to keep it pushed in or to press very hard.


Using a LAN cable, connect your computer to a free port of your router. These ports are usually numbered or clearly identified.


Plug your router into the power outlet.

You have now completed all the steps for connecting your router.


Check that your Internet access is working. If so, you can move on to the steps for configuring your router.



Using an installation CD

image018-etape Instead of configuring your router manually, use an installation CD, which will make configuration easier. Simply answer the questions that appear and then let the CD automatically configure your connection.


If you don’t have an installation CD or prefer to configure your router manually, see the section corresponding to your operating system:
- Configuration for Windows 7
- Configuration for Windows XP
- Configuration for MAC OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

- Configuration for MAC OS 10.4 (Tiger)

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