What is phishing?

Phishing is an online fraud technique that aims to obtain a person’s personal information in order to steal their identity.


How can I recognize a phishing attempt?

You’ll receive an email asking you for information like your username, password or date of birth. The email often contains an attachment or a hyperlink to a fraudulent site.


If the message appears to have been sent by a well-known company (such as your bank), be extra wary: most institutions don’t request personal information from customers by email.


How can I protect myself from phishing?

There is no automatic surefire way to protect yourself from phishing. The solution is to take precautions:

 - Don’t answer emails that request urgent or immediate action and warn of imminent consequences, don’t click the suggested links, don’t open the attachments and don’t share any personal information.


 - Even if you know the company that purportedly sent the email, avoid clicking any links. Instead, enter the official Web address in your Web browser.


 - Check the quality of the writing: Phishing emails often contain spelling mistakes.


 - Update your software, especially Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, your antivirus software and operating system.


 - Before making an online transaction, always check the reliability of the company’s website.


What security measures are being taken by Videotron to protect its customers?

 - Emails sent to your Videotron address ( go through our spam filter, so most phishing emails are intercepted before they end up in your inbox.


 - If you receive a message that seems fraudulent, flag it by clicking the “Spam” button in the Webmail section. You can also fill out our Report Internet Hacking form.


 - We take your reports very seriously and will take action to block hackers and fraudsters.


 - Our Maximum Security Services offer you additional protection against fraud attempts with a system that detects suspicious links sent by email or instant messaging.


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