How do you log in to the Customer Centre?

Manage your Videotron bills, services and account online. 

To log in to your Customer Centre, you must have an account. How do you sign up?

Log in

Log in to the Videotron Customer Centre

Find the Customer Centre in the Videotron website’s navigation menu. Or log in to your Customer Centre here.

Do you have Helix services? Log in to My Account. 


Use your browser’s “Remember Me” feature. It will save your password and you won’t need to enter your login information every time.

Be careful, this may not work for you if you share your user profile with someone else. 

Forgot your password or your Customer Centre account has been blocked?

Forgot your password?

Don’t worry, it happens. We’ll send you an email at the address listed in your account. You’ll get your login information and a link to reset your password.

Solution: ask to be allowed to edit your login information.

Blocked account

Your Customer Centre account will be blocked after five unsuccessful login attempts. This helps us protect your personal information in case of fraud. 

What should I do? Reset your password from the page you were redirected to.

How do I log in to the Customer Centre? 

How do I sign up for the Customer Centre?

  1. Have your Videotron customer account number handy. 
  2. Choose a username. We recommend that you just use your email address. 
  3. Enter a secure password. It should contain 6 to 16 digits, including at least one letter and one number.
  4. Fill out the registration form.


To create a complex yet easy-to-remember password, use the first letter of each word in a invented sentence. Example: “John walks his dog twice a day” becomes “jwhd2ad”.

Congratulations, you have a Customer Centre account. You can now go online and securely manage your account, plans and services.

Good to know

You can also use your login information to connect to and your PVR. 

Discover everything the Customer Centre has to offer

Can I use the same login information for all my accounts? Learn more about using a unique identifier.

Need help now that you’ve logged in to the Customer Centre? Learn more about the different features.

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