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CWTA's Code of Conduct for Wireless Service Providers


A continuing promise of excellent service and support for our consumer and small business customers


The wireless service provider* members of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) subscribe to a Code of Conduct to underscore our commitment to providing the highest standards of service and support to our customers. This Code ensures that our customers have the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. It also safeguards their rights as customers and assures that their concerns are addressed.


To continue to meet this commitment, the member carriers of the CWTA promise to:


Provide our customers with complete details on the rates, terms and coverage offered in each of our plans


To help you decide which wireless plan best suits your needs, you will find the following information on each plan at the point of sale or on our websites:

    * Monthly base charge for the plan;
    * Number of airtime minutes and/or data usage included in the plan;
    * Rates for additional minutes or data usage;
    * Rates for optional services, such as long distance calling or text messaging, that may be added to your service;
    * Notice that roaming charges may apply within and outside Canada;
    * Any additional taxes, fees or surcharges that may apply;
    * The duration of any service period (if required), any activation fees that may apply, any early termination fees that may apply;
    * Terms of a trial period, if one is available under the plan.

If you are interested in a prepaid wireless plan, we also tell you about:

    * Any requirement for you to keep funds in your account;
    * The length of time you can carry a $0 balance in your account before your account is closed and the telephone number is reassigned;
    * When your prepaid credits will expire.


In addition, you can see a coverage map at each of our stores, sales kiosks or websites that depicts the calling area currently covered by our networks.


Whenever possible, these maps include the coverage provided by our domestic roaming partners.


Help ensure that our customers understand the terms of their contracts


When we enter into or amend a contract with one of our customers, whether this contract is verbal or a signed agreement, we provide all relevant details, including:

    * The charges that apply, their frequency, what they relate to and how these charges are calculated;
    * Your rights, as a customer, if the charges are varied or other charges are introduced;
    * The date the contract begins and any minimum service period;
    * Any product or service that you, as a customer, must purchase to be eligible for a discount;
    * The terms of a trial period, if available;
    * The conditions and duration of any renewal term;
    * How the contract may be changed, the minimum period required for informing you about upcoming changes, how you will be notified, and how you can find more information about the new contract terms;
    * When you have the right to terminate your contract before the contract ends; what you must do to end your contract early, and any amounts you will have to pay (or how that amount is calculated) to end the contract before it expires.


Communicate with our customers in a way they understand


We strive to communicate with our customers in plain, simple language. This includes taking steps to make sure that that our documents, including service agreements, contracts, and invoices are clear and readable.


For example, at all times you are entitled to request a breakdown of our service charges from the taxes and other fees we collect on behalf of federal, provincial and local governments. Upon request, we can also provide our invoices electronically or in Braille or larger print.


Ensure that our advertising is clear


We do our best to clarify the conditions and charges that apply to the advertised prices for our phones, other wireless devices, and services. If additional charges may or will apply, that fact will be noted in the advertisement.


Any disclaimers used in our advertising will also be clear, understandable and directly linked to the advertised offer.


Protect our customers' rights when we must change contract terms


We do not change the material terms of our contracts with customers, without giving them at least 30 days' notice. In the case of such material changes that are unfavourable to customers, we either give them the right to terminate the contract without any additional fees for early termination, or allow them to remain on the unchanged contract. This does not apply to changes that are required by law or regulation or changes to those services and features that do not have a fixed term commitment.


Provide ready access to customer service


If you have a question about any of our services, your service plan or your invoice, you can reach one of our customer service representatives through a toll-free telephone number during normal business hours. You can also write or e-mail our customer service department at any time.


Information on how to write, email or call our customer service department can be found on our invoices and is available on our websites.


Safeguard our customers' personal information


We have developed privacy policies to protect your personal information that meet or exceed the requirements under federal or applicable provincial law. These privacy policies are posted on our websites and are also available by writing to our customer service department.


Resolve your complaints efficiently, fairly and courteously


When you have a complaint we try to resolve the issue the first time you call, write or e-mail our company. If that's not possible, we try to find a solution within 30 days or as soon as we can under the circumstances.


If after this you still feel that we have not adequately addressed your concerns, you can lodge a complaint with the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services Inc. (CCTS), an independent third-party complaints resolution service. Information about the CCTS is available at or by calling 1-888-221-1687.


As adopted by the CWTA Board of Directors: August 13, 2009

* The following service providers subscribe to the code: Bell, Dryden Mobility, EastLink, Fido, Koodo Mobile, MTS Allstream,(currently operating as MTS), Public Mobile, Rogers Communications Inc., SaskTel, Solo, TBayTel, TELUS (including Mike), Videotron, Virgin Mobile Canada and WIND Mobile.

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