FAQs concerning the QUB musique exclusive offer for Videotron Mobile customers

1. What is the QUB musique Videotron PLUS offer? 
The Videotron PLUS rewards program is giving Videotron Residential Mobile customers the chance to get QUB musique at the exclusive rate of $4.99/month, excluding taxes, instead of $11.99/month, excluding taxes, for 24 months.
2. Who is the offer intended for?
The preferential rate of $4.99/month, excluding taxes, applies to Videotron Mobile customers who are members of the Videotron PLUS rewards program. Customer must maintain their subscription to a Mobile plan for the entire promotion period (24 months). One preferential rate offer per Videotron account. In the event the customer no longer meets the above-mentioned conditions, the regular rate in effect ($11.99/month, excluding taxes) shall apply. Customer must be a resident of Canada to subscribe to the service. Access is limited to one device at a time.
3. How can I get access?

To take advantage of the exclusive rate of $4.99/month, excluding taxes, simply go to and follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Customer Centre, or create a Customer Centre account if you don’t have one.
  • Next, click on the QUB musique offer, and click on Get this offer.
  • Already subscribed to QUB musique? Log in to your account.
  • Don’t have a subscription yet? Subscribe to QUB musique.
  • Make or confirm your payment. The exclusive rate of $4.99/month will be confirmed on payment. The amount will appear in your QUB musique account. 
4. I can’t find the exclusive QUB musique offer at $4.99 on the Videotron website.
You must be subscribed to the Videotron Mobile service to see the exclusive offer at $4.99. If you’re a new Mobile customer, it could take up to seven business days for the offer to appear in the Videotron PLUS interface.
5. Why do I need to share my credit card information to take advantage of the exclusive offer at $4.99?

The trial period is free and without obligation. A valid method of payment is necessary to confirm your address and account number, and to facilitate continuing your membership. No amount will be taken from your account before the end of the free-trial period. Your credit card information will also be used to prevent a service interruption once the free-trial period is over.

To take advantage of the special $4.99 rate, you need to sign up for the Videotron PLUS program. After signing up, you will be redirected to the QUB musique website, where you will be asked to finalize your payment. Your credit card information will be used to confirm your subscription.

6. How does invoicing work?

You will be invoiced once a month, on the day corresponding to your initial QUB musique subscription. The amount will be taken from the credit card associated with your account. Invoicing is handled by QUB musique. QUB musique will not be charged to your Videotron account.

For more information on invoicing, visit the Account and Payment section of the QUB musique Aide page:

7. How can I listen to music?

There are two ways to use QUB musique: through a Web reader, accessible from a computer, and via a mobile app, available on Android and Apple devices. With a functional Internet connection, the entire QUB musique catalogue is accessible to subscribers with a compatible device or computer.

Registration is done directly on the QUB musique website. You cannot subscribe via the app.

For more information, visit the QUB musique Download page:

8. How can I cancel my subscription?

To unsubscribe, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your QUB musique profile from the website.
  2. Go to the Subscriptions section.
  3. Click on Unsubscribe in the section containing your active subscriptions.
  4. Confirm your request to unsubscribe.
  5. Check that you have received the unsubscribe confirmation email.

Your subscription will be valid until the end of your billing cycle.

Note that deleting the app does not cancel your subscription. 

9. Where can I download the QUB musique app?
The QUB musique app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. It’s available on Android OS 8 + and Apple iOS 11 +. Visit our Download QUB musique page for more information.
10. How much data does the app use?

In order to respect the music and artists, QUB musique offers the best MP3 audio quality on the market, that is, 320 Kbps.

1 hour of listening = 160 Mb of data

However, you can reduce your data consumption by following these tips: download your music beforehand, with our listen offline feature, or log in to a Wi-Fi network.

11. Can I share my subscription with my family members?
No. Only one QUB musique account at the preferential rate per Videotron account is possible.
12. What happens at the end of the 24-month period?
The regular QUB musique rate in effect will apply automatically.
13. Can I use the QUB musique app while roaming?
No. QUB musique is only available in Canada. However, you can download your songs and playlists with the listen offline feature before you leave.

For any other questions about QUB musique, visit the Aide section here.

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