Remote recorder

Remote recorder
Find out more about using the remote recorder service from your mobile phone.
Yes. Your programming session will be interrupted for the duration of the call. When the phone call is finished, you’ll be able to resume the session.
Yes. Please note, however, that roaming charges will apply.
Under Terminal at the bottom of the home page, select Change. If your personal video recorder (PVR) doesn’t appear there, please call 611 from your Videotron Home Phone Line or Mobile Line.
At the bottom of the remote recorder home page, the service selects, by default, the oldest of your PVRs, whose model number will be indicated. To change the PVR that you want to program, click on Change under Terminal at the bottom of the home page, and then select the model you want to use.
In order to use the remote recorder, you must have a PVR terminal with a hard disk designed for recording programs. If you try to program a terminal remotely that is not a PVR, you’ll get the following error message: “This terminal does not have a hard disk.” Please note too that the Scientific Atlanta 8000 terminal is not compatible with this service.
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From your Videotron mobile phone, dial 611.
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