illico On Demand

illico On Demand
Find out more about the illico On Demand service.
If you get an error message and you aren’t able to solve the problem, contact Videotron’s Technical Support. One of our agents will be happy to help you.
Yes. Your viewing session will be paused for the duration of the call. When the phone call is finished, you’ll be able to resume viewing where you left off.
No. For the moment, this service is only provided on the Videotron network. It is therefore not available on the Videotron partner network, nor while roaming.
Yes. You can watch the video or film as many times as you like during the rental period.
When you rent a movie, it is automatically placed in the Resume viewing section for the full duration of the rental period. Click on Resume viewing on the illico mobile home page to start or resume watching.

When you begin watching a movie, a placeholder is automatically created that allows you to continue from the same place later by clicking on Resume viewing. Unfortunately, this placeholder is only held for the next session.


Since you technically began a second session, you can’t continue the first. If you interrupt what you are watching again, you can continue from the same place later by clicking on Resume viewing on the illico mobile home page.

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