Club illico mobile


The illico App allows you to access Club illico and free titles from your mobile or tablet. Create your own profile et add titles to your favorites to benefit from the best entertainment experience!

The illico App is compatible with Android 4.4+ and iOS 9+.

In order to offer customers an optimal experience, certain functionalities have been redesigned. The proper functioning of the illico App and the intuitive interface require an up-to-date operating system.

Club illico mobile

Club illico mobile is a service which gives you unlimited access to movies, series, shows for young kids and documentaries. It is available only on mobile and tablet devices through the illico app.
Videotron customers who are subscribed to an eligible mobile plan have access to Club illico mobile without any additional fees. Viewing content in the illico app uses mobile or Wi-Fi data. You will be billed for any usage beyond your monthly limit.
Club illico mobile content is available on mobile and tablet devices, on iOS and Android. To access the content on illico.TV or on your TV with an illico set top box, you must subscribe to Club illico.
Want to become a Videotron customer? Contact Customer Service. To add Club illico to your customer invoice, follow the instructions in the Club illico section.
To get more info on the most recent offers, visit our website at
No. Club illico is a complementary offer. However, if you are subscribed to an eligible mobile plan, you have access to Club illico mobile.

Get connected

You must use the same authentication information (username and password) as the ones used for your Videotron Customer Centre.
If you are not yet a registered user of the Customer Centre, you can easily sign up by visiting Videotron’s website.

Access to Content

Viewing content is only possible from within Canada due to legal agreements between Videotron and its content providers.
You have access to Club illico and free content.
In order to get live and on-demand channel content as well as paid content, you must subscribe to a Videotron TV package. This will give you access to contents from your channels package and will allow you to rent paid content.
To subscribe to our TV service, please contact Customer Service or visit our TV section.


High definition (HD) is a display quality that allows for exceptional image clarity. It provides a resolution of up to 720p, which allows you to watch HD channels and on-demand content such as HD movies.

When a channel or other content is offered in HD, HD viewing is possible if all of the following conditions are met:

  • Your mobile device is HD compatible
  • You have Internet access with download speeds of at least 10 Mbps
  • Your video settings support HD viewing

By default, content is broadcast in HD in the tablet version of the illico App and in SD in the mobile version of the illico App. It is possible to change the default view settings for each device.

The illico App can be used on mobile networks (3G, 4G and LTE) and on Wi-Fi networks.

On mobile networks, content is shown in SD by default. It is possible to switch to HD by changing the preferences in the illico App.

A viewing session in the illico App will be interrupted for several seconds when the device switches from LTE or 3G/4G mobile networks or from a Wi-Fi network to a 3G/4G/LTE mobile network. The program you are watching will automatically restart a few seconds after the interruption.

On mobile networks, viewing sessions will be interrupted if you receive a phone call. You must manually restart the video after you have ended the call.

Data Usage

Watching content in the illico App requires the use of data, whether you are connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network. Additional charges will be billed if you consume more than the monthly data allowance included in your Internet plan and your Mobile plan. It is important that you familiarize yourself with your monthly data allowance included in the Internet and Mobile plans you are subscribed to.

To see your Internet and Mobile data usage history, or to buy a Data Add-on for a specific need, visit the Customer Centre at You can also consult your data use history in the User Centre + application.

One hour of watching continuous HD content requires approximately 2GB of data.
One hour of watching continuous SD content requires approximately 560MB of data.

Data consumption for HD content in the illico App
30 minutes of content: approximately 1GB
10 minutes of content: approximately 333MB

Data consumption for SD content in the illico App
30 minutes of content: approximately 280MB
10 minutes of content: approximately 93MB

To see your data consumption history, visit the Customer Centre at or consult the User Centre + application.

On mobile networks, content is seen in SD by default, which requires less data consumption than in HD. HD quality is not activated on mobile networks.

However, it is possible to watch content in HD on mobile networks as well as Wi-Fi networks. In the illico App, tap on the Profile button in the upper-right corner of the screen, select Settings, then Video Quality and activate HD Quality for each network.

The settings selected will apply only to the device you are using.

illico App Features

The illico App is offered in French and English and the interface language corresponds to that of the operating system of your device.
To log out of the App, tap the button on the upper right, select Settings, select Sign in information, and then Sign out.


Creating a profile allows you to personalize the illico App's content according to your preferences, thereby optimizing your experience, especially if you share the illico App with others on the same mobile device or tablet. If necessary, you can create several profiles.

Your profile contains information such as your favourite channels, genres and content, and your preferences for masking adult movies.

A default profile is created the moment the illico App is installed. Touch the profile button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to manage your profile and to add others.
You can personalize your content in My illico. Your favourites are saved by tapping on the star next to the title of the content. You can also choose which channels and categories (humour, action, kids, etc.) you prefer in your profile as well as create your own content library.
It is not available because we only retain broadcast rights for content for a limited period of time.
It is possible to share your favourite content with your friends. You will find social media sharing icons on every content page.

By tapping on the magnifying glass or in the search field located at the top of the screen, you can search by title (for live, recorded and on-demand content), by an actor's or director's name or the name of a channel. The results will be organized according to these categories.

A search will be conducted on all content in the illico App catalogue

Content Streaming

The illico App is compatible with media streamers or a HDMI adapter. Depending on the content, these functions can be allowed or not. It depends on the contractual limitations imposed by our content providers.

In order to cast a content with Airplay, you must be a Club illico subscriber.

Technical Issues

Terms and conditions

Only for new subscribers who do not have Club illico.  Requires a monthly subscription to selected mobile plans.  Limit of a subscription and viewing by customer account. Available only in Canada, where technology permits.  The availability of movies and series differs on different platforms and can be changed at any time.  Requires compatible device.  The read data are counted in the calculation of the consumption of the data included in the package.  Internet connection, including bandwidth, is the responsibility of the customer.  Certain conditions apply.

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