Terminals and digital recorders

Terminal ENP HD X8 Cisco 9887

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PDF Document User's guide illico TV new generation


Technical Specifications

  • Simple commands, similar to a DVD player
    (play, stop, pause, rewind and fast forward)
  • Recording capacity: new and improved storage capacity of over 1,155 hours of SD TV or more than 305 hours of HD TV
  • Internal hard drive capacity: 2TB  (more storage and recording capacity)
  • HD digital signal with 1080p resolution in 16:9 format
  • Component video (YPbPr) and HDMI outputs
  • RCA AV, S-video and coaxial digital audio outputs
  • Doby DigitalTM 5.1 optical audio output
  • Built-in receiver; no additional equipment required
  • Dimensions (cm): 33 x 23 x 5.7
  • Unsupported connections: Ethernet, FireWire and USB


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