Television Support 


Make sure your terminal is on.

If it’s connected with a coaxial cable, tune in to channel 3 on your television.

If it’s connected with composite, component, S-video or HDMI cables, make sure your television is set to the right digital source (Video 1, Video 2, HDMI, etc.).

Yes. For this type of connection, however, you can’t be assisted by an online advisor or visiting technician. You’ll have to refer to your representative for a personalized solution.
Remote control guides are available on the Videotron Website.

You can also get this information on page 43 of the user guide.

The channel you have chosen may not be included in your package.

There are two types of PIN: the parental control PIN and the purchase PIN. The default number for each is 0000.

To change the PIN:

    • Press twice on your illico remote’s SETTINGS button. You’ll access the General Settings screen. 
    • Using the arrows, select the “Purchase: PIN” option, then press SELECT. 
    • Press on SELECT again when the “Change” option is highlighted. 
    • Enter your current PIN (if it has never been changed, the default PIN is always “0000”). 
    • Enter the new PIN and then enter it again to confirm your choice.
If you forget your PIN, it is impossible to change it from your illico terminal. You’ll have to phone Videotron technical support at 1 800 561-4248 to have it reset.

Be careful: Only the account holder or authorized users can make this request. 

If you get another error message when you access Video on Demand:
    • Switch off your digital terminal, wait a few seconds and then switch it back on. 
    • Access the “Video on Demand” menu once again by tuning to channel 900. 
    • If an error message appears, unplug your illico terminal, wait for about 10 seconds and then plug it back in. 
    • When the time appears on the front of the terminal, turn it back on and try accessing Video on Demand once again. 
    • If the problem continues, make a note of the error message on the screen and contact our technical support at 1 800 561-4248.

The 1080i configuration should be the optimal configuration for a television with a native 1080p resolution.

In certain cases, however, the 720p resolution will give better results.

For more information on configuring HD terminals, see pages 55 to 73 of the user guide.

The subtitle option is only available on high-definition terminals connected with HDMI or component cables.
If you have a standard terminal, you must activate this function directly through your television settings.

To display subtitles, follow these instructions:
    • Activate the subtitle function in “General settings” by pressing once on the remote’s SETTINGS button. 
    • Verify that the “S-t Type” option in “General settings” is the format broadcast by the channel. CC1 is used most often by standard channels, and Digital 1 by high-definition ones.

On HD channels, you can configure the subtitles’ display parameters and the colours to make them transparent. 

If you’re not sure, the S-t Option should be “By default.”

First check that your television is HDCP-compatible (consult your television’s user guide).

Disconnect your illico terminal. Wait a few seconds, then reconnect it. 

When the time appears on the front of the terminal, turn on your television and make sure you have selected the right source for your terminal selection. Then turn your terminal back on and try to access illico again. 

To avoid this type of problem in the future, always turn on your television from the right source before turning on your illico terminal. 

If the problem persists, contact technical support at 1 800 561-4248.

This service is not available by default as it is in the residential sector. To order a Pay-Per-View program, please call 450 645-1077. 

Prices vary depending on the number of viewers. These are determined by the event promoter and Videotron, which is the broadcaster.

This service is not available by default as it is in the residential sector.

Contact Business Customer Service to add the package to your account.

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